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Protection for Healers

    There are many types of protection. At the center of the discussion is the probability of an attack. In this county today there are several types of attacks with a high probability. Remember the old saying “just because you are paranoid does not mean that nobody is out to get you.” There are physical, emotional, economic, mental, spiritual, legal and etheric attacks.

    An important part of holistic therapy is protection. Practitioners in energy healing often report they take on their clients’ rubbish and they feel drained from using their own energy when giving treatments. You can work more effectively by blocking the rubbish and cycling the Universal Energy. The Healer can unload the energy to be transmuted by the earth for the good of all while releasing the client’s unwanted energy.

    The practitioner can learn to protect against unwanted energy. It is important for the practitioner to remain grounded  during the treatment. There are many way of grounding, if one starts to feel ungrounded they should step back and ground themselves.

    Protection barriers can be put up to protect you from unwanted energies. There are various ways to help protect energy fields, visualizations, treatment techniques, crystals and essential oils.

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