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Holistic Festival
Gibraltar Trade Center
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November 25-17, 2011

Holistic Festival
Lake Orion, Unity Church
3070 Baldwin
Lake Orion, MI  48359

June 2, 2012

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Vibration & Healing Workshop
Lake Orion, Unity Church
3070 Baldwin
Lake Orion, MI  48359

October 23, 2011

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Stone Healing Energy
Level I Contents

    Each student will receive a stone kit and work book. These are included with the course. The class is fast paced. The class is interactive and hands-on.

This class starts with an introduction to the human energy system. Both the experienced healer and the first time energy worker will get a framework. You will leave with multiple ways to explain the human energy system to your family or clients.

Stones and there use in healing will be the main focus of the class. You will learn how to select stones for a treatment. The care and handling of stones will be discussed. You will learn to make gem elixirs and many treatments.

Following is a list of treatments presented over the two days.

    Balancing the Chakra System

    Energy Boost

    Strengthening the Chakra System


    Star Treatment

    Color Wheel Treatment

    Ten Point Treatment

    Treatment of the Meridians

    Crystal Reflexology (Hand and Foot)

Many other topics will like charting and numerical vibrations are covered. An important subject will be stone cautions. You will gain an understanding of the impact jewelery can have on you, your family or your clients.

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