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Holistic Festival
Gibraltar Trade Center
Mt. Clemens

November 25-17, 2011

Holistic Festival
Lake Orion, Unity Church
3070 Baldwin
Lake Orion, MI  48359

June 2, 2012

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Vibration & Healing Workshop
Lake Orion, Unity Church
3070 Baldwin
Lake Orion, MI  48359

October 23, 2011

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Stone Healing Energy
Level II Content

    Each student will receive a stone kit and work book. These are included with the course. The class is fast paced, interactive and hands-on.

This class goes deeper into the human energy system. You will learn to assess the hara and the energy layers. Learn to work the energy system from the inside out. You will leave viewing the energy system in multiple dimensions.

Topics will include room preparation and active treatments. Multiple healings will be included in one treatment. As we move deeper into the energy system we will move higher in the energy fields.

New treatments will include:

    Clearing Debris

    Replenishing Energy

    The Auric Body System

    Clearing the Auric Layers

    Building energy fields

    Protection Cocoon

    Pain Removal

    Eye Treatment

    Hara Centering

    Repairing Energy Leaks


    Thymus Regulator


    Mind Calming

    Spinal Charging

    Repair Damaged Tissue

    Distant Healing

    Infinity Circuit

    Etheric Body Healing

    Ether Net

    Strengthen Potential

    Energy Exchange

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