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Singing Bowls

Singing bowls and tingshaws are known as Himalayan sacred Sound Instruments.

In this class you will learn about singing bowls and how they are used. The class will cover the human energy system. You will learn healing techniques using both the chakra system and the kabbalistic tree of life.

Tradition singing bowls are made of seven metals representing each of the planets as follows: copper (Venus), gold (Sun), iron (Mars), lead (Saturn), mercury (Mercury), silver (Moon), and tin (Jupiter). These seven metal alloys on the physical association assist the following qualities: copper – art and love, gold heart and spirit,

iron – action and sexuality, lead – discipline and conscience, mercury intellect and speech, silver - instinct and joy, tin – insight and wisdom. Together these metals produce an exceptional singing sound of the bowls. Modern singing bowls are not usually made of the seven metals. The ancient singing bowls may be more brittle, due to their age, and so may crack if rung.

The sound is determined by the size, shape and thickness of the material and rim. In general the larger the bowl the lower the frequency. Smaller bowls are more treble. The size of the bowl is a function of both the diameter of the bowl and the height of the sides.

The Universe consists of parts which relate to each other in musical harmony. In nature there are a series of harmonics that resonate at natural intervals. They don’t always sound harmonious. Singing bowls recreate harmonic frequencies and stimulate our bodies to discover their own harmonic frequency. By making these vibrations the body is able to tune into its own undisturbed frequency.

Sound is heard not only through ears but through the cells of the body. Sound can correct imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and helps in the treatment of virtually and disorder. Sound vibrations from singing bowl puts us back into alignment with the universal flow of perfection that is our true nature. We are vessels through which frequency of perfection it transmitted, we are also the transmitter.

The sound of the singing bowls brings the body back into alignment with the DNA within each cell. Singing bowls help to calm the mind and focus the thoughts. Singing bowls assist in connecting the individual with the universe.

The living body is an entity of vibrations and wavelengths. The frequency of someone sick is disturbed while a healthy person is well tuned. Vibrations spread quickly through the body since it consists of more than 80% water. Singing bowls are used as therapeutic aids. The vibrations give a delicate internal massage to all the cells.

Singing bowls have a clear, floating sound that produces harmonies that are different from what we are use to. By striking or singing two or three bowls one after the other you create chords or new harmonies.

Signing the bowl is done by rubbing the stick around the outside of the bowl slowly. When the surface is vibrated, the vibrations spread in all direction, sound is produced. Ringing the bowl is done by striking the bowl with a leather covered striker. Volume is controlled by pressure and the speed of the striker.

The sound vibrations break down our ability to maintain our ego (edging God out) boundaries. Most people feel a spirit to the sounds of singing bowls. The feeling is stronger when the sound is live and not recorded. Most people experience a release of stress and a connection with the universal flow. There is a relaxation and physical well being from being bathed in the sound of singing bowls.

There is much to discover while listening to or playing the singing bowl. You feel, hear and experience the bowls. Singing bowls open you to explore your inner self. The bowls speak to each of us.

Singing bowls are used to balance the energy systems, for relaxation, reduce stress, deepen meditation, reduce unwanted brain activity, to bring focus, inhibit pain, and produce vitality synchronization and spontaneous healing. Using singing bowls can increase energy while calming. They have many benefits and have no adverse side effects.

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