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June 2, 2012

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Grounding Meditation

The following articles are arranged in reverse chronological order. The most recent article is on top. To view the article simply click on the title. When viewing an article you can click on the title and it will bring you to the next article in the list.

When Technology Fails

We have come to rely on technology. Many trust it more than anything else. But what do you do when technologies does not work?

Published in  Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, May, , 2014

For every rule there is an exception. The exception to the rule of rule has an exception, is the rule itself. The exceptions are what makes life fun and unpredictable.

Published in  Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, April, , 2013
Stability or Balance

True balance brings stability. Two points can be brought into balance but will never be stable. For a stable balance the minimum is three points, as in a tripod.

Published in  Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, March, 2013
Mathematical Earth

There is a mathematical precision to the Earth. Our body, mind and spirit resonates to these same mathematical and musical precision as the Earth.

Published in  Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, February, 2013
Inward Journey

Mandalas are a tool used to assist in focusing the mind inward to find your true spirit. One of the most popular variety of mandala is the labyrinth. It is a walking meditation tool. There are an every expanding number of labyrinths open to the public.

Published in  Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, January,  2013
30 Second Makeover

Billions of dollars are spent each year on cosmetics and plastic surgery. Yet there is a free and simple way to improve looks and life itself.

Published in  Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, December,  2012
Inward Journey

From the time people started to write on the walls of caves the Mandala has appeared. It also can be would in nature. When one concentrates this form of art assists us in meditation and the inward journey.

Published in  Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, November,  2012
Giving the Gift of Receiving

We are taught, from the time we are children, to become independent. We also learn to assist others. What we often miss is that for others to fulfill their potential is for us to allow others to assist us.

Published in  Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, October 2012
Hidden Messages

Few people can look at those blocks of black and white squares and read the messages hidden within. Phones a tablet computers not just capture them but link us to the information behind them. Our lives are made up of queues with hidden messages behind them.

Published in  Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, August,  2012
Color Matters

The universe is made of frequencies. We refer to sounds in frequencies. Light is also determined by frequencies. We refer these frequencies in terms of color. Colors can be used for healing.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, April 2012

We can seek calmness or enlightenment. We can withdraw from the world or become an active part of it. We can be apart from everything or an active participant in the universe. These are our choices.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, March 2012

Resonate Frequencies

All bodies resonate to specific frequencies. Frequencies define the flow of energy. We choose if our energy will flow like a mighty river, a gentle ocean or a stagnant pool.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, February 2012

Positive Thoughts and Actions

Our lives are governed by our thoughts. Positive thoughts can lead to regrets, when positive actions are not implemented.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, January 2012
No Know

The more we know the more we know how much we do not know. Yet the universe holds all knowledge and makes it available to us. We need to open ourselves to receive the knowledge that is there.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, November 2011

Every string has two ends. One marks the termination of the string and the other is the beginning. Life is the same way. Whether a job or life itself, every end is also a beginning.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, October 2011

As clients in a healing session we are responsible for our own healing. The practitioner is not the lord of the healing, he or she is the client's partner. It does not matter if the practitioner is a doctor or a massage therapist, the client cannot get the full advantage without being a partner in the healing.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, September 2011
Busting the Myths

This is a 15 MB MP3 file, an hour of audio

As part of a general discussion several myths will be discussed. Among these, the human body does not have an aura and Medicine is not an art but a science.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Radio, August 2011

Special has gotten a bad name. Those of us that are different are very special. The things that make us different and unique should be celebrated for they put us in the same club as the most famous people in history.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, July 2011
Sledge Hammer

We are often asked if size matters. The answer is yes. Getting the right size is important. Too big is as bad, or worse, than too small.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, June 2011
Positive  Thoughts and Actions

Our view of and the way we approach the world helps to manifest our space. When we live in hate and resentment the world around us becomes worst and worst. We spiral down. When we look for the good in everyone there is beauty everywhere we go.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, May 2011

Finders Weepers

This is an April Fool's article. Based on physics weight cannot be either created or destroyed. Thus whenever one person loses weight someone else finds it.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, April 2011

See What They Want

Words have power. Deep in the language we use are power and emotions. Looking behind the words are many clues. Common phrases hold great meaning.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, March 2011

Power of Nothing

The unseen has great power. We can open our minds and see the unseen. The more we open ourselves the more we see and the more power we have.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, February 2011

Positively Negative

Almost anything can be accomplished if the focus is on the positive. Many people talk about being free from a disease or from pain. By focusing the pain or disease we give the power to the negative.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, January 2011


Problems are not to be feared. When working a puzzle these challenges, we call them problems, are looked forward to. Game shows are built around problems. Problems are learning tools.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, December 2010


In healing the healer and the person being healed are not separate. The for true healing to take place the person being healed must take an active part in the healing. Healing belongs to the person being healed.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, November 2010

No Know

The more we know the more we know how much we do not know. Yet the universe holds all knowledge and makes it available to us. We need to open ourselves to receive the knowledge that is there.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, September 2010
Energy and Attack

People often ask us about headaches, strange feelings or possession. These are all signs of metaphysical attacks. We are under such attacks almost all of the time. This article explores the types of attacks.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, August 2010

Heroes, sports stars, artists and geniuses are all different. Those who envy the special gifts use other words like weird or nuts. We are taught to conform, to suppress what makes us exceptional.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, July 2010

Many people seek calm. Calm is easy. A calm lake is wonderful. A sheet of glass is as calm as a lake buy that calm is an illusion. True calm comes from within and that is true serenity.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, June 2010
Light Shines in All Directions

As we move away from what is natural we also move away from the miracles in life. The natural world is composed of miracles. We have closed ourselves off. We need to let the light in.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, May 2010
Happily Ever After

Fairy tales often end with the statement "and they lived happily ever after." Happily ever after is based on your point of reference. We can all live happily ever after.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, April 2010
The Natural Beauty In Winter

Literature and many expression lead us to believe that winter and death are the same. Winter is a time of beauty and preparation. Winter should be looked forward to and enjoyed.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, March 2010
The Power of Nothing

The goal of eastern meditation is often reported as to bring the mind to a state of nothingness. This would be a very empty and lonely world. No person wants to be lonely and isolated. The real goal is to reach a state where the is no boundaries a no distinction between the self and source of all.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, January 2010
Offense, Defense or Beneficence

We have been taught that there must always be winners and losers. In order for one of us to succeed everyone else must fail. There is another way. We can work to the benefit of all.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, December 2009
Destructive Prophesies

Out of anger, envy or hatred people will often make predictions or place labels on other people that can only hurt others. What we do with these prophesies is our choice. Even the most destructive can be overcome.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, November 2009
Death Valley?

When we limit our perception we cage ourselves.  Beauty is everywhere. Opening our horizons removes the limitations and all things become possible.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, October 2009
Easy Aerobic Breathing

Looking for an easy way of  improving you health? Try laughter. Laughing brings more oxygen into your body and is a great aid to healing.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, September 2009

Absolutely No Absolutes

One of the things that may hold you back is our education. We are taught that there are many absolutes. these are general knowledge that we are not to question, like the world being flat. We need to unlearn to get over these intellectual speed bumps.

Published in the Healing Touch newsletter, Summer 2009


Through life we are told what to look at and what to ignore. Advertisers do this to us daily. We need to take control of what we see and pay attention to.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, August 2009

Positive Thoughts and Actions

Nature always tries to find balance. The news and many people focus on the negative. We can help re-establish balance by neutralizing the negativity. Positive thoughts and actions bring balance.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, July 2009


There are recurring calls for the old to step aside to make room for the young. The problem is that some of the young are old and some of the old are young. Age is not, purely, defined by the calendar.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, June 2009

Three By Five

Manifesting is has been a hot topic for many years. Many people attempt to manifest but just can not seem to keep the focus. The issue is that the superficial object that they are asking for is not the real goal. This article gives a method for getting to the root of the request.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, May 2009

In Sound Health

All energy is vibration. No form of manifestation of energy is so clearly in waves as sound. Many forms of sound treatments exist. By adding sound to other modalities or using a type of sound therapy in a treatment, the healing is stronger, runs deeper and lasts longer.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, April 2009

Energy Field Games

Self help can be fun. There are a number of energy games we can play that will not only make us feel better but also give us a deeper understanding of who we are and how we are put together. There techniques can also be used to educate others in the Human Energy System.

Published in the Healing Touch newsletter, March 2009

The Longevity Paradox - Our life Span

As we live longer diseases that were considered rare become more common. The healthier we are the longer we live. The longer we live the greater the change that some hidden propensity will be manifested.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, March 2009

Life's Plan

We are more alike than we are different. Those who want power try to separate us.The more people and cultures you get to know the clearer this becomes. Meet other people and take trips. Do not take guilt trips.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, January 2009


There are many unseen and unfelt sources of information. The the satellite signals from the Global Positioning Satellite, the energy from the human energy system guides the energy worker. The energy worker helps guide people using these energy sources.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, December 2008

Anti vs Pro

We have two options for most circumstances. One is to destroy and the other is to create Building the natural systems replenishes and causes long term healing.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, November 2008

Cause vs. Symptom

Too often we treat the symptoms of an issue and never find the cause. It is often hard to differentiate between cause and symptom. Here we try to assist you in refocusing onto the root causes.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, October 2008

Point of View

The way we look at everything colors our lives. Life is what we make of it, or at least how we view it. No person truly can understand how another person feels for no two people have lived the same life. Our experiences give us our unique point of view.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, September 2008

Size Matters

When we teach our Stone Healing Energy classes we are asked if size matters. The answer is simple, yes. The other half is that too big can be worse than too small. Balance is the right size.

Published in the Healing Touch newsletter, August 2008

Side Effects

Every day we hear about the negative side effects of drugs. both legal and illegal drugs. Does energy work also have side effects? The answer is yes, however the side effects of energy work are usually positive.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, August 2008

One Size

Each of us are different. One size fits all garments are usually too large or too small. The same is true for treatments. Each of us are different.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, July 2008


Health of the Body, Mind and Spirit requires us to be well grounded. When we were young, if our parents told us we were grounded it was a punishment. In the metaphysical world it is a goal.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, June 2008

Tuning Forks in Healing

Healing is based on vibrations. Bringing the energy system into "tune" works deep in the energy system. The use of sound in healing make healing work better and holds longer. Tuning forks are a very precise source for sound.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, May 2008

Sound Healing

Long before surgery, gene therapy and chemotherapies people used sound to heal. Somehow in the centuries between then and now this has been lost. It is being rediscovered.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, April 2008

DR, Attitudes, and Stress

Our attitudes can control our stress and make our lives a wonder or tedium. Our trip to the Dominican Republic was a great eye opener.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, March 2008

Age and Aged

In our society we confuse age with aged. Just because the calender continues to mark the march of time society tries to make us believe that we loose functionality and must restrict our activities. This is one of the great western myths.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, February 2008

Do It To IT

Change is needed in all of our lives. In order to make a change you must take action. You need to do it.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, January 2008


Unusual people are referred to as freaks. Freaks is often used as a derogatory term. Athletes, writers, Nobel prize winners are also freaks. We should all strive to be exceptional in our unique ways.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, December 2007

They Want Your Eyes Closed

Many medications are placed on the market with lower success rates than placebos. Those who make the most money from these drugs want you to be unaware. They do not want you to know about the safe alternatives to the chemicals they sell.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, November 2007

Beautiful Bad Days

Those days that seem the worst at the moment are filled with potential. On dark and gloomy days people bond together and can free themselves from that which separates them.

Published in the Healing Touch newsletter, September 2007

They Listen But Do Not Hear

We all think that we listen but often we filter what we hear. Our pasts and our own interests distort what we hear. The better we listen the more present we are.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, October 2007

Ancient Labyrinths

The has been a resurgence of interest in Labyrinths. The labyrinth is a very ancient meditation tool. Labyrinths can also a metaphor for the spiritual journey.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, September 2007

Telling Stories

We all tell stories. Some are true and others are half truths or complete fabrications. Most stories are harmless. Often the ones that do the most harm are the stories we tell ourselves.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, August 2007

UV, Ultraviolet

In the light spectrum there is more light above the frequencies of visible light than within. These invisible frequencies make wonderful things happen to fluorescent minerals. Like then the most interesting parts of many of us are invisible to most of the world. One special person can bring these qualities out.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, July 2007

Miracle Molecule

There is one molecule that is unique in the world, water. It is the source of all life. We are born 80% water. Dehydration, lack of water in the body, is a major factor in much illness.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, June 2007

Keep Your Eye Off The Ball

Many of our problems are caused not by lack of focus but on having our focus on the wrong targets. Knowing what is important is only part of the puzzle. Realizing when we have gotten off the path and making the effort to get back on is needed.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, May 2007


We live in a world of compromises. We have grown to accept everything being a little "off". Exact sounds can help us to get ourselves back to our optimum.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, April 2007

A Trip

All of life is made up of trips. Life itself is a trip and so is healing. If we learn to learn then differences become lessons and lessons lessen the differences.

Published in the Healing Touch newsletter, March 2007

Easy Aerobic Breathing

Looking for an easy way of  improving you health? Try laughter. Laughing brings more oxygen into your body and is a great aid to healing.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, March 2007


As an energy worker or a client you should be aware of what is appropriate. There are laws that limit what a practitioner can do. 

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, February 2007

Problems Can Be Opportunities

Every issue that we encounter is a chance to learn. What appears on the surface to be negative helps us move in positive direction.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, January 2007

What Kind of Balloon Are You?

We are all energy beings. As such we are the aura and the body is a solid image of that energy being.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, December 2006

Lessons Learned

All of life is an education. Every experience is given to us to learn from. Looking back through your life you will see that some of the worst moments were the greatest gifts.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, November 2006

Kyanite and the Auric Body System

Kyanite is a stone that is self cleansing and can open and balance your entire energy system.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, October 2006

Our Gift of Stones

Stones, minerals and crystals predate even the microorganisms. They have been used in healing and in religion through the existence of people.

Published in the Healing Touch newsletter, October 2006

Beyond Tolerance

Tolerance should not be a goal. It is a negative. It is based on pain. We should strive for understanding and an enjoyment of diversity.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, September 2006

What is Healing

Healing is not about turning back the clock. It is a journey. When you are healed you should be better than before.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, August 2006

Positive Thoughts and Actions

Every event in your life and in the world can be viewed as a problem or as a lesson. All of life is an education. When we learn from life we grow and enjoy life.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, June and July 2006

What is Energy Healing?

Long before we manufactured chemicals and injected them into our bodies healing took place. Listening to the ads from the new chemical medications and you hear all of the side effects. People are made of not just meat but also energy. Healing, from the energy point of view, has no adverse side effects.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, May 2006

No Reality...

Everyone views the world through the filters they have built during their life. Two people will recall the same event very differently. Each view is reality, as they perceive it.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, April 2006

Music of Stress

We are surrounded by sound. Everyday we are immersed in a sea of sounds. When we fight against the sounds we cause stress. By going with the sounds and enjoying the flow we can eliminate the stress.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, March 2006

Winter, a Time to Stretch Your Spirit

Winter is not a death it is a beginning. It is a time when we can experience new things. Here are eleven spiritual exercises.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, February 2006

Getting “Tuned” in

Every energy center of the body resonates to a specific frequency. Present the optimum frequency and that center will come back into tune. One method of doing this is to use tuning forks.

Spiritual Insider!, December/January 2006

Quiet Please

Music can be very healing. This article presents some of the fundamentals of healing with sound.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, December 2005

The All American Crystal

The Herkimer diamond is a very special crystal. It is a variety of quartz that usually is double terminated. Energetically it is extremely powerful, especial for its size.

Published in Body~Mind~Spirit Guide, November 2005

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