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Energy Restoration

    The Energy Exchange is one of the deepest and most complete energy techniques available. It can be aimed at specific issues or used as a general tune-up. It can be done virtually anywhere and requires no special equipment. It can be integrated with other techniques and becomes more effective as you learn more about physiology and the energy systems.

    There are several ways to look at human beings. Many in the medical profession look at people as a collection of chemicals. Others see people as animated pieces of meat. In religious circles people are viewed as a reflection of the divine, an agent of the dark side or a pawn for the sides of good and evil to war over. In the metaphysical community the person is seen either as a physical being permeated and surrounded by an energy field or an energy being who has coalesced into a physical being.

    At first these paradigms may seem completely at odds with each other. The vocabularies are different but the concepts correlate well. To look at the last one with a Western religious vocabulary, the soul comes to Earth in a human form.

    In this class we view the person as an energy being who is living, at least for the present time, in a human form. Any problems that exist with this person can be worked on in the core, the energy being. 

    In medical science they look at a person in two primary ways, physical and mental, or physicians and psychiatrists. In this class we look at the person as body, mind and spirit. Where they try to split the two and treat them as separate, we see that they are three aspects of one human being. We treat them as one.

    In our practice, we encourage our clients to take care of all parts of their being. They need to have good medical care. They should have spiritual pursuits. They must take time for themselves and feed their brains, educate themselves. They must eat well and get adequate rest.

    All of that being said, or in this case written, where does the Energy Exchange come in? It is one technique to be added to a tool kit for the energy worker. It may be your first tool. If you already are using Healing Touch, Reiki, Massage or any of the other energy systems that are out in use, the Energy Exchange can enhance your effectiveness.
    The Energy Exchange is a technique for energy healing that works from the inside out. We start at the core of the client’s energy system and work our way out. We clean and rebuild their energy. You can look at it like changing the water in an aquarium. At the end our clients are lighter, brighter, more beautiful and stronger.

    The first time we came across the Energy Exchange was in a Healing Touch class. In that class it was called Etheric Vitality. They state the source to be an ancient Greek healer. This technique is used in the Healing Touch program as a way to prepare the healer and connect them to the client.

    Kim Seers, a friend and very gifted healer, teacher and medical intuitive, had taken the class the year before. She described the technique and added a description of how she saw the energy flowing during this technique. We took Kim’s description and modified the technique. The simplest form we have taught to many people and see it in use often. For those who learn it, this technique becomes their preferred technique.

    The technique was further refined by adding the use stones. When stones are used the treatment goes more quickly.

    Some of the energy techniques that clear and rebuild the energy system should not be used on people with a fragile energy system. This includes people who have recently experienced trauma, the elderly, people who have chronic problems or who spend a lot of time “out of body”. The Energy Exchange is gentle and safe. It builds the energy system, and gives a safe place to heal.

    One quick clarification, when we use the term person, client or people it refers to an energy being. That includes humans and animals. Animals, and young children, are closer to the source of energy and more open to the effects. Treatments on animals and young children tend to go much more quickly.

    So who would you not want to use this technique on? If a client asks for a specific type of treatment, then you are obliged to follow their request. Likewise, if they request that you not use a technique, do not use it. If the client is in a hurry and does not have enough time to complete the treatment, allow 30 minute it will usually take less time. If you are using the basic treatment you can leave them with their shields down, if they leave early.

    This technique can be directed at different levels. You can work on the physical, emotional, mental, present, past, etc. For this reason you can use the technique on almost any client. Do not be surprised, however, if you start out working on one plane and end up on another. It happens often. Just remember to follow the energy, ride the wave.

    Our goal is to help to heal. As part of that, we want you to be the best healer you can. What is being covered is very interactive. Take the time to stop and try the techniques. Human energy is very subtle. It takes time to learn to experience the energy. We have tried to give you guidance. Everyone is different. Everyone is on their own path. You may find insight into your journey in these pages. Please trust yourself and allow yourself to grow along your unique path. Do not let anyone force you onto what they believe is the only path. Enjoy your journey.

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