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Holistic Fair
Saline Middle School
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Healing is a journey, a path lined with beautiful stones. One needs only to open themselves to the healing power of the Universal Life Force. One only needs to attune to the energy of mother nature's eternal gems. One only needs to see themselves whole, healed, and full of life.


Chris and Dave offer several energy healing modalities. They use the modalities that best suite the situations. These include hands on, light touch and touchless techniques.
For clients who want to experience a specific modality, they can choose from:
•    Stone Healing
Tuning Fork Treatments
•    Kabbalah Healing
Ear Candling/Coning
•    Energy Restoration
•    Healing Touch
•    Singing Bowls
•    Energetic Transformation

For an appointment (248) 647-6181


Healing Energy carries a wide variety of products for healing and healers. These include over one hundred types of stones. Pouches for carrying stones and healing stone jewelery.

Vibrational tools available. These include tuning forks, tingshaws and singing bowls.

There are many gift items also available.

To see and purchase products visit us at one or more of the shows listed in the frame on the left.


Healing energy offers a series of classes for both the novice and the experienced healer. Classes in Stone Healing, Tuning Forks, Tree of Life (Kabbalah Healing), Singing Bowls and the Energy Restoration are geared to both. Stone Healing levels II and III, Joint Repair and Protection for Healers are for experienced healers only.

About Us

Chris and Dave Wattenberg CHTP, SHP/I are Stone Healers, Certified Healing Touch Practitioners, Tuning Fork Therapists and Spiritual Healers. They have taught healing classes in New York, Texas, Ohio and Michigan

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