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 Classes at Healing Energy
Troy, MI
(248) 647
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Healing Energy Registration Form

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One day classes

Tree of Life Healing (Kabbalah): $100  ________________________

 Focused Energy: $100                            _________________________

 Energy Restoration: $100                        _________________________

 Protection for Healers: $100                    _________________________

 Singing Bowls: $250                                  _________________________

Tuition includes work book and extras. Registrations are due two weeks before the class. A non-refundable deposit of $25 for a one day and $50 for a two day class is required at time of registration.

Two day classes

Tuning Forks for Healers: $250               __________________________

 Stone Healing I: $250                                __________________________

Amount enclosed:  

All registrations must be in two week prior to the start of class. Phone (248) 647-6181

Make checks payable to: Healing Energy
Print out this form. Fill it in and mail it to:
Healing Energy
1544 Witherbee
Troy, MI 48084

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