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Focused Energy Technique

With the techniques in this course you will learn to feel the rhythms of the internal organs and tissues. You will learn to clear energetic debris from the areas, encourage the healing of organs and tissues and to prepare the organs for medical treatments and surgery.

Using the techniques in this class any joint can be encouraged to heal itself. The results last from weeks to years and can be repeated as often as needed. There is no recover period. In addition these energetic techniques have no adverse side affects. They enhance positive affects of medical treatments.

The techniques covered in this class can be applied to any joint repair, including the neck and spine. The focused energy technique can be used on burns, cuts, scars and other injuries. These techniques have been very successful with other tissue issues like carpal tunnel.

The workbook has been designed as a pocket guide. It includes illustrations of the major joints.

In this class you will learn to feel the conditions deep within the joints. You can then repair the energy of the hard and soft tissues and resurfacing the bone ends. In the class you will learn to adjust the tension of the muscles and tendons.

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