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Healing Energy offers two classes in Stone Healing Energy. Each class is two days.

Each two day workshop is designed to teach the participant several healing methods and properties of stones. These can be incorporated into other approaches to healing.

In class I, will make gem elixirs, which are used like homeopathics and flower essences to support issues of body, mind, and spirit. We will also cover centering, cleansing and charging stones, use of the pendulum, numerical vibrations and layouts of stones for healing.

In the second class you will build on your knowledge from the first class. You will get into deeper levels of the human energy system.

These classes are experiential hands on classes.

Classes are held in Troy. If you would like to sponsor these classes in you area contact us at info@stonehealingenergy.

Stone Healing Energy, Level I

The class will include:

various healing methods

properties of stones

how to make gem elixirs

cleansing and charging stones

use of the pendulum

numerical vibrations

layout of stones

Stone Healing Energy, Level II

Stone Healing Energy Level I is required:

Stone Healing Energy II will include:

additional properties of stones

back work

mind calming

energy exchange

working the central energy core (the hara line)

working the auric layers

additional healing methods

Stone Healing Energy, Level III

Stone Healing Energy Level I and II are required:

Stone Healing Energy II is aimed at the person who wishes to start a Stone Healing Energy practice or to include Stone Healing Energy into their existing energy practice. Your homework from level II will be reviewed. You will leave as a Stone Healing Practitioner (SHP). This is a self-paced class.

Tuning Forks for Healers

Tuning Forks for Healers is based on the natural vibrations of the body. You will learn how to assess the energy field. You will learn about the different types of tuning forks, what to look for when purchasing them and how to handle them. Learn how to select forks for healing and multiple treatment methods. This is a single two day class.

Tree of Life (Kabbalah healing)

Where the Chakra system is a one dimensional line that runs through the center of the body, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is multidimensional. True balance and real depth of healing can be accomplished easier when working with the Tree of Life. These techniques are extremely gentle and extremely potent.

Kabbalah is an ancient practice. Some say that it dates back to creation. Kabbalah can take a lifetime to learn. These techniques can be learned quickly and logically.

Energy Restoration

Most energy techniques and practices start by addressing either the chakra system, aura or spherot. All of these work on the energy system from the outside in. The Energy Restoration starts from the Hara, the core of the energy systems. It works from the inside out.

This is one technique that clears the energy system, addresses individual issues and rebuilds the entire energy system. It works with the other practices but at a much deeper level. The energy exchange is the most powerful tool we have found.

Focused Energy Technique

With the techniques in this course you will learn to feel the rhythms of the internal organs and tissues. You will learn to clear energetic debris from the areas, encourage the healing of organs and tissues and to prepare the organs for medical treatments and surgery.

Using the techniques in this class any joint can be encouraged to heal itself. The results last from weeks to years and can be repeated as often as needed. There is no recover period. In addition these energetic techniques have no adverse side affects. They enhance positive affects of medical treatments.

The techniques covered in this class can be applied to any joint repair, including the neck and spine. The focused energy technique can be used on burns, cuts, scars and other injuries. These techniques have been very successful with other tissue issues like carpal tunnel.

The workbook has been designed as a pocket guide. It includes illustrations of the major joints.

Protection for Healers

Many of the energy workers we know are concerned with the many types of attacks they seem to be objects of. We have know a number of healers who have stopped practicing or have severely limited their practices because of the "negative" energies they collect. This one day class addresses many of these issues. The session will give you the education to understand what the issues are and how to avoid them. It is said that an ounce of  protection is worth a pound of cure.

Singing Bowls

For millennia the Tibetan monks have been using singing bowls for meditation and healing. In recent years singing bowls have become available for general use.

In this class you will learn how to sing and ring the bowls, a set of bowls is include in the class price. We will also study the human energy system and how singing bowls can be used in energy treatments.

The class will work in both the chakra system and the Kabbalistic tree of life.

Learn to treat yourself and others. Gain energy and relieve stress.

About Us

Chris and Dave Wattenberg CHTP, SHP/I are Stone Healers, Certified Healing Touch Practitioners, and Spiritual Healer. They have taught healing classes in New York, Texas, Ohio and Michigan


Stone Healing Energy I
Berkley  -  TBD

Focused Energy Technique
Berkley - TBD

Energy Restoration
Berkley  - TBD

Tuning Forks for Healers
Berkley  -  TBD

Protection for Healers
Berkley  -  TBD

Tree of Life / Kabbalah
Berkley  - TBD

Singing Bowls
Berkley  - TBD

Stone Healing Energy II
Berkley  -  TBD

Two day classes are 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

One day classes are 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The Balanced Massage
Berkley, MI
(248) 542-3073

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