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Holistic Festival
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November 25-17, 2011

Holistic Festival
Lake Orion, Unity Church
3070 Baldwin
Lake Orion, MI  48359

June 2, 2012

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Vibration & Healing Workshop
Lake Orion, Unity Church
3070 Baldwin
Lake Orion, MI  48359

October 23, 2011

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Tuning Forks for Healers

    Tuning Forks have been used to produce pure tones for centuries. This class uses those pure tones to help in bringing the body, mind and spirit into harmony.

    Each part of the energy system has its own vibration. When the tone, vibration or frequency deviates from its perfect state dis-ease sets in. This type of therapy uses the perfect tones of the tuning forks to re-pattern the energy, to bring the vibrations back into ease or perfection.

    The class takes place over two very full days. You will learn a structure for assessing, treating and recording the treatments. You will learn to select the right forks. You will learn how to take care of the forks.

    The class comes with a workbook and a set of Tuning Forks. You will also get a CD ROM that contains forms, documentation, links and some freeware.

    During the class you will have the opportunity to give and receive treatments. Multiple treatment methods will be presented.

    If you are an experienced healer or this is your first energy class you will find it educational and enjoyable.

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