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Many of us look at stones or crystals and feel awed by their incredible natural beauty. Some feel the reason why some people are attracted to stones and other are not is probably connected to our distant past. Stones have different functions: decoration, jewelry, collecting and healing. Some people discover the amazing power of crystals and enjoy them, while others take months or years to encounter and experience the amazing effects of the power held in crystals. Some people collect crystals or stones without realizing that the presents of the stone may help them or cause problems.

Ancient writings, throughout the world, describe stones as being powerful and filled with energy or influence the fate of humanity. Some stones provide positive energy while keeping away negative energy that cause dis-ease and suffering. Stones were considered to be responsible for economic stability, happiness, peace and security. 

Gemstones are mentioned in the bible. The breastplate of the high priest used stones to signify each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Each stone was connected to a tribe according to the stone's qualities and the tribe's characteristics. 

Crystals were used for protection against accidents, diseases and injuries. According to evidence the stones would change color to warn the owner of danger. 

Stones have been used in shamanic rituals and native healing in every part of the world. Stones are used by Native Americans, Africans, Asians, Europeans, Australians and Pacific natives. Archeologists find stones embedded in clothing, healing and religious objects of nearly every culture. 

Stone form very slow, deep within the Earth. The formation requires large amounts of energy. The crystal accumulates this energy. A crystal is a stone which was formed in a strict order of small components in a geometric crystal lattice. There are different forms of the inner structure, cubic, hexagonal, tetragonal, triclinic, triangular, monoclinic and orthorhombic. There are over 4,000 different types of crystals that have been documented. 

The crystal energy is stored in a rhythmic arrangement of the energy. The emission of energy from Quartz has been documented in photographs as a white light coming out of the center. It is clear and integrates with the human aura, thus contributing to the healing process. 

Radios have been tuned and even powered by crystals. Watches are accurate because they rely on the precise frequencies of a crystal. All of the electronic devices, like microwaves, telephones and computers use integrated circuits, computer chips. These are made from slices of silicon crystals that are etched and then have other crystals embedded in them. The innate qualities and frequencies of the crystals make all of these devices possible.

All stones store energy. The composition of the minerals and the structure determines vibration, healing properties and color. The body contains many minerals and a lack of balance of these minerals causes disease. This is where crystals help; they can balance and improve health. For example for a bone problem a stone that contains calcium may help.

On a metaphysical level stones can be selected for healing based on their vibration color or structure. Numerology or astrology can be used to help in the selection of healing stones. Other disciplines, like color therapy work well with stones. 

Use your intuition to choose a stone by feel, form, color or quality You may be attracted to one or more stones, if you feel comfortable with it use it. If you do not feel attracted to a stone do not use it. The crystal should feel good in your hand. The positive thoughts while buying a stone and your intention of helping have a good effect. 

Wearing or carrying a crystal creates a general balance. Change the stone. Do not wear the same stone everyday. Listen to your intuition, if it doesn't seem right change the situation.

Stones can be over used. For example, black tourmaline is a good stone for protection or shielding. Wearing a black tourmaline pendent may have unexpected consequences. A person who wears such a pendent too long may experience troubles forming attachments they have formed a shield around their heart. 

It is always good to have good references available. The standard is “Love Is in the Earth” by Melody. There are also classes available for those who wish to add Stone Healing Energy to their healing practices or as a way to start on a path of healing.


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