Inward Journey
The ancient Sanskrit word for circle is Mandala. Mandala art has been used for millennia. It is a path to self-expression, self-awareness and personal growth. It can be a journey to discover the center within us and beyond. One can meditate on an existing mandala or we can create our own. There are a number of sources out there if you prefer to use ready-made mandalas.

Nature has also provided us with mandalas, snowflakes, flowers, the rings in a cut tree, snails and spider webs are some examples.

When creating your own it can be a tool for pulling scattered aspects of your life together, leading to wholeness and enlightenment. When creating one, remember it is a circular journey that can start and end in the center. One is drawn to the center. To draw one it is good to start with a circle. You can trace a plate or use a compass. Some kind of straight edge is useful and a pencil, and colored pencils, crayons or paint if you want color in your mandala. You can simulate drawing with light. This is easily done by working on a piece of black paper and using opaque media. Gel pens and pastels are good for this purpose. Your mandala doesn’t have to look professional. It is your journey, it is for you.

In creating your mandala, organize your thoughts around a central theme. Use your ideas to create symbols and colors to reflect your intent. There are endless possibilities within you. Let them be drawn out as you create your mandala. Your mandala is one aspect of the whole you, not separate form you. Explore your different aspects, as you receive personal growth.

The mandala we created is a journey of oneness drawing you to the ancient word for God, HU. God is the One we turn to for guidance. There also are six pedals or flames representing the six days of creation, or six work days. There are the tablets of the law, following these laws helps make a better world. The hearts are for unconditional love, love of God and creations. Triangles can represent a number of things. Two triangles make up the Star of David. The ridged edge of the circle represents life’s ups and downs. The center is the sun, our light source. One can read so many things into a design like this, even things we did not notice.

A mandala is a tool of transformation that can be relaxing as well as meditative. It helps bring resolution, clarity, healing, peace and deeper understanding.

Try coloring a mandala before and after an experience and note the differences. What were you like coming into the experience compared to now? Mediate on a mandala that you used in the pass. What changes are there?

To meditate on a mandala get comfortable then look at the images and symbols and let them flow through you. Internalize the feelings and colors. If you are drawn to a part of the mandala spend time on that area. You only get out what you put in, if you put in nothing you receive nothing.

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