Hidden Messages
You may have seen the black and white squares, like the one at the end of this article. They are called QR, short for quick response. The QR looks like a jumble of small squares. In three of the corners are larger black squares with a white square and another black square inside of that.

So, what is a QR? A simple way of describing it, is that a QR is a barcode designed for phones and tablets to read. It is a two dimensional barcode and can hold much more data than the old barcodes.

The one at the end of our article will take you to our website. This is the most popular use of a QR. Others will dial the phone, send an eMail others just contain data.

To the human eye, they are just a bunch of little squares. In the same way, the old barcodes are just a bunch of lines. The algorithm that decodes the standard barcodes is so small and so simple, that they have been embedded in the barcode scanners a for years.

We accept that a computer, even one as small as a cell phone, can decode the messages that are hidden in these barcodes and QRs. Yet many of us find it hard to believe that some people can decode other hidden messages.

There are people who can walk up to a computer and tell you why it is not working, just by looking at it. There are people who can look at a person or listen to them talk and decode the micro-expressions or the stress indicators in he voice to tell if what they are saying is true. These special powers of observation are widely accepted.

A medical intuitive can look at a person or touch them and tell what ails them. If they have a medical degree, most people accept them. If they do not have the MD behind their name, they are scoffed at.

Two hundred years ago, people did not believe in the existence of bacteria yet in the virus. Today we know of microscopes, to see the miniature, telescope, to see what is far away, ad even time laps photography, to see the very slow or very fast. There are people who see or sense these extremes.

Some autistic children see patterns that are hidden to the rest of us. Computers are often used to break codes. Yet, these exceptional people see the hidden codes.

When you look at a QR remember that there lots of hidden codes. There are special people who see, hear or sense the messages hidden in these codes. Everything is possible, if you are open to the knowledge that is waiting for you in the universe.

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