Color Matters
The color of gems and stone affects the body’s energy centers. Healing stones transmit power by vibration. Color is determined by vibration, measured in cycles per second. Color is electromagnetic energy that vibrates in the visible spectrum. Simply, it is energy that our eyes can interpret.

Properly used colors can regulate the body’s level of energy. Sometimes there is too much energy and other times too little. Some colors emit positive energy others have an equalizing effect. One can feel neutral, positive or negative vibrations when in contact with stones and crystals. Their energy can be positive for one person and negative or neutral for another person.

A black stone dissolves energy blocks and tension; it relieves pain and gives protection. While white stones provide energy and helps with deficiencies and weaknesses. One person may benefit from a black stone while someone else a white.

Scientifically white and black are opposites. A white stone reflects all band, wave length, of light while a black stone absorbs all of the light. In the same way the black stone absorbs the pain, tension and energy blocks while the white stone transmits re-energize providing more energy where needed.

In general the color corresponds to the seven main chakras:

First or Root chakra is red; it promotes sense of reality and supports the circulatory system. Red stones also absorb the excess of the other colors. Red stones help to ground the energy system by removing the excess energies that tend to pull us away from the Earth. Black and brown stones are also very good for grounding.

Second or Sacral chakra is orange, it releases stress and promotes the flow of energy, balance and calmness

Third or Solar Plexus is yellow, it reduces anxiety, improves confidence, stimulates all organs, strengthens the immune system and reduces inhibitions and fear.

Fourth or Hearth chakra is green, has calming vibrations good for the nervous system, balances relationships, detoxifies and regenerate and strengthens will to live. The complementary color is pink. Pink stones also promote a healthy heart chakra. The pink stones draw out the excess heart energies, especially from unrequited love, grieving or a “broken” heart.

When using the complimentary colors it is best to follow the complimentary colored stone with a stone of the original color, to restore balance. If, for example, you used a pink stone like rose quartz for grieving or concerns for a loved one, you may want to follow it with a green stone such as malachite or green jade.

Fifth or Throat chakra is blue; it eases communication, calms, combats anxiety, relieves discouragement and activates the digestive system.

Sixth or Third Eye chakra is Indigo (blues to purple) it increases understanding, memory, insight and intuition.

Seventh or Crown charka is violet or clear; it leads to enlightenment and balances all aspects of life.

There are a number of books out there to help you decide which stone is best for your needs. Judy Hall has one called “Crystal Prescriptions”, it list the symptoms and which stone to use for them. Stones work well in the proper healing layout. They can also be carried or in jewelry. The energy of the stones can be ingested or massaged in using elixirs.


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