The Power of Nothing
Being the good grandparents we are, we taught our grandchildren to burn paper with a magnifying glass. The power that turned plain paper into char and smoke was nothing. That is, there were no wires, batteries, or chemicals. There was nothing to be seen, nothing to be felt, nothing to be smelled, nothing to be heard, and nothing to be tasted.

What was this power and where did it come from? The power was heat and it came from the sun. The trick is that we focused the sun onto the paper and the heat burned the paper.

So much of what we do, so much of what we call power is simply this, focusing nothing until it is power.
Look at electricity. The electron is extremely small, smaller than an atom. When electricity is generated, the electron moves from the atom it resides in to the next atom. This is an unbelievable small movement and is immeasurable.

When millions of these electrons jump from one atom to the next and are focused onto a wire, we get electricity. Electricity can run stoves, communications, televisions, cars, pacemakers, and on and on.
Electrons are everywhere.

At the end of the nineteenth century a new concept was being proposed, the microbial theory. The scientific and medical establishment of the time stated that anything as small as a microbe could not possibly cause people to become ill. What would they have taught of viruses, which are too small to be seen through an optical microscope? Today we know how these little nothings have been responsible for many diseases. Viruses cause epidemics, cost billions of dollars in sick time each year, and may even have wiped out entire cultures.

Recent research indicates that some forms of cancer may be attributed to these nothings. Another nothing is an idea. As an idea spreads and takes hold, it causes great changes. Ideas like freedom and equality have changed the face of human civilization. Ideas are outside of the standard senses. In spite of being nothing, at least nothing tangible, they hold great power.

Perhaps the most powerful unseen force is energy. We can perceive and measure the effects of energy. Some energy, like sound, we use on a daily basis. Even with these, there are ranges we ignore, that we consider to be nothing since they are always there.

Take, for example, eight cycles per second that is the frequency of the Earth. Although it is a powerful energy, we ignore it. It is always there. It is nothing.

The number zero is often referred to as nothing. Zero at the end of another number makes a considerable difference. One dollar will not buy much. Add a zero, add a nothing, and one dollar becomes ten. Two more zeros and we have one thousand dollars.

Adding three zeros to the end of your salary and you become a millionaire. Do it again and we become Bill Gates, well at least his bank account. One more time and we are into the national debt. Look at the power of nothing.

Energy workers focus and direct the subtle universal energy that is around all of us all of the time. Because it is always there it is often ignored.

When people sense these energies they are usually told that they are crazy. There is nothing there. So, talented children are taught to distrust their native abilities.

Today, these energies are being manipulated by hospitals that are hiring energy workers. In classes, such as ours, we are un-training or deprogramming people so they can again sense the energies they were told as children did not really exist.

Most of our students, as children, sensed energy. Now they need to learn to trust themselves again. The powers of nothings are very strong, perhaps stronger than anything else. Nothings like the atom, subatomic particles, electricity, ideas, and the human energy system.

Perhaps the most powerful of all is the closed mind, which breeds hate and fear. When we shine the light, another nothing, we dispel the darkness and open the minds.

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