Positively Negative
A person came up to us at our booth at one of the shows. She had just heard about using singing bowls to call in the angels. As we talked she mentioned that she had a fear, when she meditated, that she would call in the evil ones.

This is a real issue. Not that if one tries to manifest or connect with good that they may accidentally bring in evil. The issue is that people often give their attention and intention to the opposite of what they want.

Psychologists have studied though patterns. They tell us that it is impossible to think of no cats. If you tell a person to think of a room with no cats, the person will imagine a room and cats will appear. They can imagine an empty room or a room full of dogs. The problem is that once you have cats as part of the instructions it is on the mind. In energy work we refer to it as giving power to the concept.

We have mentioned in other articles that you need to set positive goals. That the absence of pain is not a positive goal for it gives the power to the pain. If you ever had a cavity in you tooth and had it filled, your tongue continues to feel for it until you stop thinking about the absence of the cavity.

Part of the problem is western culture. We have been taught that there are two sides to every question. Other cultures teach that every person has their own interpretation. In one culture they learn that for four people you will have six opinions. We are in a binary mode, like a computer. This maintains that there everything is like a light switch, it is on or off. A number of toys for little children can go forward or backwards. Their switches have three states, forward, backward or off.

Good is not the absence of evil. The absence of evil is a blank space for creation. Health is not the absence of disease or pain. Health is all of the systems working correctly. That is why pain killers do not cure a broken arm. The arm must still heal.

If you are meditating on not bringing in evil, you are constantly looking for the evil. We and we would guess you, have known people who believe that all people are created in sin. Everyone they meet is sinful. We have also known people that believe that people are basically good. They find good in everyone.

We know a woman who would worry about everything. She said it was very useful because none of those things ever happened. She also did practically nothing. She could not swim, although she said she wanted to, because she was afraid of the water. She would tense up so much that she could not float. She could not ride a bike, in fact she never tried. She gave all the power to her fears.

This same woman said that she did not believe that doctors really know what her physical problems were. In spite of that she would take any medication they gave her, undergo any treatment they recommended and submit to any surgery the suggested. Afterwards she would complain, over and over again about how the doctors made her worse or caused the next problem.

In contrast, a friend of ours was told that he had cancer and had only a few months to live. He had cancer of the lymphatic system. The doctors wanted to perform a biopsy to determine the type of cancer so that he would know whether he had two months or six months. He also talked with a number of his friends to see what they knew. He submitted to the biopsy. The operation, yes a biopsy is an operation, took two hours instead of twenty minutes, because they could not find any cancer.He gave his attention to being whole and active. Twenty years later, he is still healthy and active.

If you give the power to the negative, even by trying to see it gone, you help to manifest it. When you think and act on the positive you help manifest the positive. During the Vietnamese war Mother Therese was asked to join the anti-war movement. She refused. She would not march against anything. She was willing to endorse pro-peace activities. She lived in the worst conditions with the most impoverished people and yet lived to be very old. She always gave all the power to the positive.

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