Happily Ever After

Many of the fairy tales end with the line “and they lived happily ever after.” We live in the real world. There are diseases, accidents, greed, deceit, etc. Is there a possibility of “happily ever after”?

The Dalai Lama says that no person will escape this life without experiencing pain. It is our choice whether we suffer or not. There by, a “happily ever after” would not be a life without pain.

There are very few lessons that are learned without some problem to solve. Without learning you are not living, you are just existing. There is a true joy that comes from solving a problem. Any pain or discomfort that was a part of the problem solving is either forgotten or actually enhances the experience.

We were married in 1970. Actually we have been married four times, no divorces or separations just four weddings. We cannot say that everything has gone perfect. There have been concerns and problems. We have lived through the deaths of all four of our parents. We have made the journey through cancer with friends and family, some to recovery and others to death. We have lived through job losses. We have been together through the birth of our children and grandchildren.

We have a long life behind us, over two third of our lives we have spent together. We have a long life ahead of us. Note that we say a long life, not long lives. We are soul-mates and our life together is our “happily ever after.”

If would not be incorrect to say that our lives have been good. Each of us has many lives. They are woven into a tapestry that makes us who we are. We each had a life as a child, some of us never leave that behind. We each have a life as a student, hopefully we never end that life. Many of us have a married life, sometime it is “sanctified” by a marriage ceremony and other times it is not. There is a work life, a spiritual life, a dream life, etc..

When any of these are fulfilling, that life is a “happily ever after.” That word, fulfilling, is so descriptive. When our experiences fill our life until it is full, we are fulfilled. What better describes having a life that is happy? When the vessel of our being is filled, whether you call it the energy body or the soul or one of the many other names given by the many cultures and religions; that is forever. Thus, a fulfilling life is happily ever after no matter how many trials or how much pain was encountered along the path.

Happily ever after is not reserved for fairy tales. Happily ever after is not reserved for princes and princesses or for the very rich. Happily ever after is a choice. Happily ever after is a state of mind. Happily ever after is available to each of us and at any and every time. Happily ever after is fulfillment and enlightenment..

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