The Natural Beauty in Winter
We have been provided with many wonders in nature. Look around and find one that appeals to you. Give it your blessing. Try some of the following:

  • Look up in the sky are there any clouds? Is there peacefulness to the sky? What feelings are you receiving? Use your imagination what do you see in the clouds?
  • Listen to the sounds around you and the silence between sounds. Listen to the concert of the birds singing. Tune your heart to the rhythm of nature. As you absorb the sound see how much more beautiful the wonders around you become.
  • Let the breeze soothe you. Let your spirit soar with the wind, and enter your soul. Find a personal melody in the vibration of the air.
  • Look at the tree branches, use your imagination, there are many patterns. See how many letters you can find. Imagine one of the trees is the tree of Knowledge. Touch it. Open your mind to receive the special message it has just for you.
  • Close your eyes and inhale the fresh air. Exhale the worries of yesterday. Smell the aroma. Try to connect the fragrances with your surroundings. Now open your eyes and see how the aroma has improved the sights.
  • In this snowy season see the clean, pretty, peaceful surroundings. Absorb the peacefulness that is around you. Are there any animal tracks? What do you think that animal is going through? Perhaps they are there now, watch their movements. See how nature is expressed uniquely in each creature.
  • Look at the beauty in a snowflake. Look careful at its pattern. Thank our creator for its beauty. Each flake is unique. What makes you unique and how are each of those people that helped make you unique, are different from everyone else?
  • Did Jack Frost leave a picture on your window or picnic table? What do you see in the painting?
  • Winter is a time of hibernation, a good time to mediate. Relax, breathe in slowly and stretch your arms and your mind. Reach slowly for the tops of the trees. Breathe out as you lower your arms. Feel the peacefulness of the surroundings. Close your eyes and enjoy the peace within yourself.
  • Spring is a time for rebirth. Look for the young buds. Like the plants it is a time for you to start new things and let them grow.
  • Summer is the time for beauty as each plant blossoms and shows their flowers and leaves. The baby animals grow to maturity. Smell the flowers and watch the animals raise their young.
  • Autumn is the time of fulfillment. The plants present their fruits and seeds. They drop the seeds to perpetuate themselves. The plants and animals prepare themselves to survive and to grow through the coming winter. Gather seeds. Learn to understand that letting go is for your best and for the best of those you have raised.
Winter is not death; it is a time for cleansing and peace. Each time of our lives is special, enjoy and learn.

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