Offense, Defense or Beneficence

It seems as if the three words offense, defense and beneficence are not related. Offense and defense are opposites but what about beneficence? Actually, when we go to the root, we find the main difference between the military and the healing paradigms.

Offense is good in war and games. You advance. The root is the same as offend. It is to move in, take or violate the space of another. What an offence does is take from one person or group for the other person or group.

Defense or to defend is to stop an offense. To protect what one person or group has. It denies that goal to the other person or group.

More wars, they say, have been fought over water or other natural resources then anything else. Often religion or ideologies are wrapped around these wars to make them seem less petty. In the range wars of the western United States, water rights where usually at the source of the conflicts.

In root of beneficence is the same as benefit. The goal is to find a solution that benefits both people or both groups. As such, beneficence is the opposite of offense and defense.

In the healing community, in the metaphysical community, in the spiritual community, we work for the highest and greatest good of the individual, the community and the universe. There is no conflict in these goals.

If you look at two well know members of these communities you get a good idea of the paradigm. Ram Das is a writer and lecturer. Wayne Dyer is also a writer and lecturer. In the military or financial world they would view each other as competitors or enemies. They would be attempting to capture each other’s clients. They would view each other’s success as diminishing their success. Remember the words taught to every military person, it is not enough that I win, you must be defeated.

By contrast, these two applauded and learned from each other. In recent years Ram Das has experiences a stroke. Wayne Dyer is leading the efforts to support and assist him. He even brought him into his home to assist him. They are friend and colleagues not competitors.

Science also works on this paradigm. Each scientist learns from all of the others in their field. No scientific discovery if considered good until it has been validated by other researchers,

In the business and military communities, defense often becomes the goal. Denying success becomes the most important goal. These people do not mind perishing, loosing everything, as long as their competitor does not win. They feel that a win-loss outcome is the best, as long as they are the winner. They would prefer a loss-loss to seeing their competitor win.

In healing, metaphysics, spirituality, education and science the win-win scenario is the goal. If I learn and you learn, if I succeed and you succeed we both win. This is not a utopian dream. It happens every day. As instructors we learn from our students. A boss succeeds when the staff succeeds.

We, for example, have a booth at several shows each year. We sell stones for healing. There are usually several other vendors also selling stones at the same show. We get to know what the other vendors are selling. If a customer comes to us and is looking for something we do not have or is not satisfied with our stock, we direct them to the other vendors. The other vendors do the same for us. We all win. There a several shows where the other vendors started by learning from us. They are our competition, our friends, our colleagues, our students and part of our community. The greater their success the more customers come to the show and the better we do.

We all try to work for the benefit of ourselves, each other and the universe. Unlike offense and defense, which diminish one of the participants, beneficence magnifies all of the participants.

One final example, in sports the Olympics are the top of the competitive world. Anyone who makes it to the Olympics is a winner. If one breaks an old record everyone that is part of that sport basks in the glory and shares in the new goal. The competition helps all of the participants to enhance their skills. If one of them violates the rules they are all tarnished by the incident. For the most part, they all want to make sure that they are the best they can be and their win is increased by the wins of everyone else.

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