Three By Five
Manifesting is a hot topic. When you wish, hope or pray for something and it comes to pass then you have manifested it. There are many techniques and books on
how to manifest.

Remember the old saying, “be careful of what you wish for, you may get it.” Always be very clear about what. For example, if you ask for a shiny new car. You could get a match box car. It fulfills the wish since you did not specify size, make or the need for an engine.

Many people say they have tried to manifest and it has not worked. In most cases either they do not really believe in what they are saying or they fail to ask for anything. You need to believe that your request can come true. What do we mean that they fail to ask for anything? That is, they ask for something that is not possible. How do you know if what you are asking to be manifest is possible? That is real simple. If you would be surprised when it is manifested then it is not possible. If you would be surprised if it does not get manifested, then it is real. To be more positive, you should expect what you want to be manifested.

There are three basic steps. First, remind yourself that the power exists to manifest what ever you want. Acknowledge that the Universe or God, by what ever name you use, is capable of making anything happen. The second step is to ask for what you want, more about that later. The third step say “thank you” for what ever comes. Be assured that what ever comes is for your highest and greatest good.

For example, a friend of ours wanted two things, to complete an educational program and to get a better job. An opening came for the job she wanted just when the work load for the education was at its maximum. Realizing that she could not do both she recommended a friend of hers, in the same department, for the job. Her friend got the promotion and she finished her requirements.

Six month later, she had successfully completed all the course work. Almost as soon as she turned the last of the work in, her friend told her that the job was too much and was stepping down. Our friend then got the job. She could think of no scenario that could have been better. Yet, at the time she had to make the choice she was afraid that she would never get a chance at a job like that again.

Now back to asking for what you want. Keep your requests positive. If you ask for others to suffer, in
the end you will suffer. Imagine asking for the destruction of the sign that blocks your view. Lightning strikes the sign and it burns to the ground, along with the telephone and electric lines and your house.

A general once said “it is not enough that I win you must also fail.” All that the general won in battles was lost over the years that followed. By working together we expand the number of people we reach. By being positive, we can all win.

There is a process for asking for what you want. It is somewhat recursive and can hit your comfort levels. Frame your request in the most complete and exact way you can. Asking that you make more money could easily result in getting a great raise and a decrease in benefits that means that you are making more but taking home less.

We are getting to the hard part. Think of your request being answered with one word, WHY. “I want to receive a raise that will result in my having $200 per week more in take home pay.” Why? “So all the bills can be paid and I can have a vacation.” Why? This should go on at least five times. By this time, you should have arrived at two goals. First, the deepest wishes you want satisfied. Getting to that point may be painful. You are exposing your very fibers to your own mind. As this is done in private or at least in silence if in a crowd, you are the only one that hears these inner most thoughts. They can be very disturbing. These are the foundations you build all your dreams upon.

The second goal is a set of actions you can take today with the resources you have at hand to satisfy these base goals. These can be as simple as carving out a half an hour each evening after dinner for study or in the morning for Tai Chi. They can be as grand as registering to complete that degree you had not finished or starting to train for a new career. It is not enough to make the resolution you must start on
the action.

As you focus on these actions you will feel better. Most times your original request will come to pass. Sometimes, like our friend with the request for a new job, another request will be satisfied and you can look back and see that this is exactly what was for your highest and greatest good.

Getting the same job at a different company may have been the original request. You went after an education to make yourself more attractive to the new company. The company you are with may see your efforts and knowledge and promote you. Another outcome could be you starting your own business with someone you met in class. You are not limited on how often you can go through this exercise. You can, and should, repeat this exercise for each starting request you have. Repeating reinforces the goal and lets you gage the progress you are making. When the request is satisfied, give thanks and acknowledge the power that made it happen.

Some may think that by taking the action you are the only one working on the request. There is the old story about the man who is in a house when a flood arrives. He is forced onto the roof of his house and prays for God to rescue him. A short time later a man in a canoe floats by and offers to take the man on the roof to the shelter. He responds by saying “no thank you. Help someone else. I am waiting for God.”

A couple of hours go by and he prays again to God. An hour later the sheriff’s boat goes by and he again refuses. He prays again. Three hours later the Coast Guard helicopter flies over and he waves it away. It is starting to get dark and in frustration he prays again. Suddenly there is a boom in the sky and a big voice comes down “I sent you a canoe, a motor boat and a helicopter, wait more do you want?”

Just to recap, there are three basic steps. These are acknowledging the power, asking, and thanks giving. The process for asking is a conversation where you ask for what you want in detail. You then go deeper attempting to answer the question “Why?” You repeat this five times or until you see the steps you can take now.

The follow-up is to implement the actions you came up with during the three-by-five process. Repeat the process often to measure your progress. When the original request comes, realize that it is what you asked for. You can make more than one request. Make sure that the requests do not conflict. Do not ask for a simpler life in one request and in another request to start a new company while you continue in your current position.

You must be eager to do the work. If you want a new job and through the five whys decide that you are going for additional education, embrace the classes. Enjoy the learning. Remember, you already know that this is your path to your new position.

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