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One of the great philosophers of our time is George Lucus. In Star Wars he writes a quote “all things are true, from a certain point of view.” Everyone views this world through the lens of their experiences. The differences in the experiences make it, truly, their own world.

If you doubt that we all see the world differently have all the people you know write a description of an event you were at. This is most fun within a family. Each person will describe the event differently.

While in college a student, one of the writers, took a philosophy class. To show the power of philosophy and shock the students the instructor said that he could prove that God did not exist. To do this he started with a definition, God is ever present and constant.

The instructor then asked “does God exist in time?” The class responded “Yes.” “Time is change. So, if God exists in time then God changes. If God changes then God is not constant. Thus God violates the definition.” Most of the class remained silent.

One student responded. “Have you ever seen movie film?” The instructor answered “Yes.” The student continued “each frame of the film capture a slice of time. We can view a potion of time at one glance. When viewing a segment of film, we are standing outside of time.”

“The assumption in your argument is that God exists as a three dimensional being, like ourselves. If God is a multi-dimensional being then, God can see all of time at one glance.” The instructor responded “this argument has been around for centuries. This is the first time, that I know of, that anyone has had a logical answer.”

One day, a professor of a university decided to challenge his pupils. He asked “Did God create everything that exists?” A student answered bravely “Yes, He did.” “Everything?” asked the teacher. “Yes, everything” was the answer of the student.

“In this case, God also created evil, correct? Because evil exists” said the teacher. To that, the student had no answer and remained in silence. The teacher was delighted at the opportunity to prove one more time that faith was only a myth.

Suddenly, another student raised his hand and asked “May I ask a question, professor?” “Of course” was the response. “Does cold exist?” “Of course” answered the professor. “Did you never feel cold?”

“Actually, sir, cold does not exist. According to studies in Physics, cold is the total and complete absence of heat. An object can only be studied if it has and transmits energy and it is the heat of an object that transmits its energy. Without heat, the objects are inert, incapable to react. But cold does not exist. We created the term cold to explain the lack of heat.”

“And darkness?” continued the student. “It exists” replied the professor.

“Again, you are wrong sir. Darkness is the total absence of light. You can study light and brightness, but not darkness. The prism of Nichols shows the variety of different colors in which the light can be decomposed according to the longitude of the waves. Darkness is a term we created to explain the total absence of light.”

And finally, the student asked “and evil, sir, does evil exist?” “God did not create evil. Evil is the absence of God in people’s hearts. It is the absence of love, humanity and faith. Love and faith are like heat and light. They exist. Their absence leads to evil.”

Now it was the professor’s turn to be silent. The student’s name was Albert Einstein.

We often hear that the healing work that we do is a tool of the devil. From our point of view, we come at this work from love and healing. The energy we use comes from God. As such, how can our work be from the devil.

Spreading hatred and pain, separating people from their neighbors, is not the work of God. We do not see how separating people from neighbors or their own relationship with God is God's work.

It appears that the people who start by accusing others of spreading evil just because other people do not do things in the same way that they do are either have no depth to their belief or are afraid that their business will be jeopardized. Many of the people come from churches.

Many churches have had holistic festivals. We hear that some of these people start to spread the word that the people at the holistic festivals are “doing the devil's work.” To silence them the churches stop having the festivals.

It seems that instead of shining a light. They close the doors and windows and help to bring on the darkness. Instead of spreading love and understanding, they inadvertently support and propagate misunderstanding, hatred and bigotry.

Throughout this world there are many communities that live side by side and yet are completely separate. In many cases they are interdependent and yet know nothing of each other while believing that they know everything about the other. For example, most of the gynecologists are male. They believe that they know and understand the women. Yet they have never had a period or been pregnant.

Some of these turn into wars. In Iraq, for example, the groups think they know each other. The main fear of the people who were in the old government is that the new people will treat them as they had been treated. They know that what they had done was wrong and are afraid of retribution.

We were at two shows recently. At the first one we met a person that recently moved to our area from Colorado. She was surprised by our attitude.

People came to her to get her into their networks. She teaches classes and one of the people in our healing community got her in touch with a place where she can teach her classes at less than half the cost.

It seems that in Colorado that type of help was not the usual thing. In our healing community we view each other as expanding the community. We help each other because the more customers one of us has the more people talk and the larger the demand.

In many other communities they view each other as competition. They talk down the other practitioners. The end result is that people distrust the community and demand drops.

Remember what was said in Star Wars, everything is true, from a certain point of view. You can view the world from the light or from the darkness. Remember also what Albert Einstein said, darkness does not exist. Darkness is just a word we invented to describe the lack of like.

Perhaps we are just looking at the world like a glass. Some people view their world as half full. Others view the word as half empty.

Some people view the world by what they have. Others view the world by what they do not have. Those who view the world by what they have are happy. No matter how much a person has, they are always unhappy if they always look at what they do not have.

Most of America views the world through what they do not have. Teenagers are buying energy drinks, at the time in life when they have more energy then they will ever have again. Couples without children are buying enormous homes and vehicles that seat large families and get poor gas mileage.

Many religious leaders talk almost exclusively about evil. Their sermons are full of eliminating evil. If evil is a lack of love and God in the hearts of people, then they should be trying to fill those dark places with love and God.

We believe in viewing the world from a point of love. We believe in letting the light in. We believe in filling our systems with energy. Try it, everything looks better from a certain point of view.



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