Three words that most children fear to hear from their parents are “you are grounded.” Yet in healing or metaphysics being grounded is a goal. Another of these terms that we use differently from other people is the phrase “out of you head.” Again, in metaphysics and healing, being out of your head is good.

The negative version of “being grounded” comes from the aviation industry. It refers to a pilot losing the right to flight. They are then required to stay on the ground. They are “grounded.”

This has been carried forward to people losing their rights. For a child it means losing their right to leave the house or to enjoy activities that they find pleasurable. They can not let their enjoyment fly. They are grounded.

How different from the way the term is used in academic circles. One of the most positive statements that can be placed upon ones research is to say that it is well grounded. In this context “grounded” indicates that it is well research and based in facts and good procedures.

No practitioner can work successfully unless they are grounded. The term refers to being connected with the Earth or Earth energy. Expanded this term indicates that the practitioner is fully present.

One of the goals of energy treatments is to have the client well grounded. Being grounded is synonymous with being rooted. Think of yourself as a tree and the events as weather. If you are not well grounded, deeply rooted, when negative events occur you are easily toppled. After a wind storm we find trees with poor roots blown down. We do not want to be one of those trees.

There are several misunderstandings about being grounded. The first is that you must be in contact with the Earth, or your feet firmly on the ground. This is not true. One can be well grounded in the ocean, an airplane or in a tree house. We have given treatments while snorkeling, during a transcontinental flight and even in a tree house at a jungle retreat.

Another misunderstanding is that being well grounded limits ones spiritual horizons. Ram Dass tells the story of being at a dinner with an astronaut that had been to the moon. The astronaut sat next to Ram Dass's guru, teacher.

Before the dinner began the guru and the astronaut discussed the trip to the moon. All got quiet during the dinner. At the end the guru's eyes rolled back in his head. For several minutes he was in this transcendental state. Then his eyes open and quite naturally resumed the discussion.

The guru started to discuss, in great detail, a rock the astronaut mentioned had taken his attention when on the moon. After a few minutes the astronaut realized that the guru was describing details that could only have been known if he had been on the moon. The astronaut looked at the guru. The guru then said “I have but one question, what took you so long to get to the moon?” they all laughed.

The guru had sent his consciousness to the moon, a process none as astroplaning. This is possible, in part, because the guru was always well grounded. While his consciousness was on the moon, his body was on Earth. He could leave and return at will.

Now for the other phrase “out of your head.” The negative meaning is to be insane. What could be positive about being out of your head? The answer comes from the inverse, being in your head.

In order to receive healing or to be in touch with your intuition, you can not over analyze what is happening. There is a flow of energy. When you are “in your head” you stop the flow to analyze what has just happened. You try to direct the flow and end up interfering with the healing.

Our overall goal is to find balance. We want harmony. That is we want our body, mind and spirit to be balanced. When you are in your head, your mind has full control. You need to be out of your head to find balance.

Remember, the overall goal is balance. You do not want to completely turn your mind off. You want your mind and body to be in harmony with your spirit.

As a practitioner your mind must be engaged. You need to take the proper precautions to make sure you do not touch your client in an unprofessional or inappropriate way. You need to be sure that you do not allow words or phrases to come out of your mouth that would harm your client or put you into legal difficulties.

One way we often look at the human energy system is through the chakra system. There are seven chakras, or major energy centers. The three lower chakras are the root, sacral and solar plexus. The three upper chakras are crown, third eye and throat. The heart chakra is not just the separator it is also the balance point.

If you are well grounded the lower chakras are strong. If they are too strong you do not exercise your creativity. You are so attached to the Earth that you loose your spirituality. This is seen often today as in people who judge everything by profits and do not look at what is for their or the world’s highest and greatest good.

If you are too much in your head, you analyze everything. Your mind is constantly running. You enjoy little and usually accomplish little. There is an old expression, paralysis through analysis. That is, you think about everything so much that you can not accomplish anything.

There is a third, being out of body. That is when you are so spiritual you loose touch with both your mind and your body. Feeling disconnected or floating is often a symptom. It can be a very pleasant place to live in. You are in a dream world all of the time. This may be diagnosed as loosing touch with reality or mentally ill.

Remember, the goal is balance. You should be fully present, well grounded, spiritual and intellectual. If you are entirely in your head or entirely out of your head you have a problem. If you are so grounded that you have no spirit or are always out of your body, you have a problem. If you disconnected from the universe or live in a dream world you have a problem.

You need to have a balance. Take time for yourself. Listen to and feel music. Find a spiritual pursuit. This can be as simple as walking in nature or getting involved in a congregation. Use your mind. Take a class, learn something new. Find a way to get grounded. Ware red underwear, carry black or red stones, do some gardening.

Balance is the goal. Do an activity from each category. Do not think too much about this or you will become too much in your head. Have fun and enjoy your life.


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