Much is made of terms like all natural or pure. We see these on labels like “pure vanilla extract” or “all natural soy milk”. Some of these terms are almost oxymorons. Most of vanilla extract is alcohol not vanilla. The process to extract the flavor from the bean is anything but natural. Some of the most harmful substances are all natural or organic, like cocaine and heroin. Do not get us wrong, we usually opt for the all natural or organic products. If we can not pronounce most of the ingredients we assume it is not really food.

We have a friend that is a vegetarian that has pepperoni on his pizza. His argument is that there is no meat in pepperoni, it is all chemical byproducts. He has yet to find anyone who disagrees with him.

Obviously, pure means different things to different people. In chemistry there is a type of analysis called quantitative. Quantitative analysis is used to determine the amount of each substance in a sample. If a sample is 100% of one substance then it is pure. If it has other substances then they will classify the purity by either volume or weight.

A small amount of a second substance can dramatically alter the behavior of the primary substance. For example, pure water freezes at 32º F (0º C). Add a small amount of salt and the freezing point jumps down to 0º F (-27º C(check)). This is why salt on the roads melts snow.

Sound can be very healing. Each part of the physical and energy system vibrates to a specific frequency. When the vibration that matches the frequency of a spot is presented that spot comes back into tune.

That is, as we live in the varied environment that is American culture, we drift out of tune. Every day we are bombarded with many sounds. These include subtle sounds like the water running through your pipes at home, moderate sounds like traffic noise and loud sounds like police sirens. In addition there are vibrations that are outside the range that we hear. At the low end there is the vibration of the Earth, a little under 8 cycles per second. At the high end are the electromagnetic waves, like radio, television and cell phones. All of these help to get us out of tune.

We could try to live in a sound proofed room. There are a couple of issues that would arise. First, it would be hard to find someone who would pay us for that and even harder to get food and water into that environment. Second, that type of environment has been studied and people who are placed in sensory deprivation for extended periods of time go, to be politically incorrect, nuts.

It is well to remember that the ears are not the only way that vibrations enter our systems. If that were true, people who are deaf would always be in tune. If anything they have more problems staying in tune.

This gives us a clue to how we can stay tuned up. When a sound enters the system through our ears it stimulates the nervous system and is transmitted to the entire body. Each part of our system that should vibrate at that frequency recognizes that frequency and comes back in tune.

Here is where purity comes into play. The purer the sound the easier it is for that parts of the system to recognize and emulate that frequency. Most musical instruments vary in pitch, frequency, with the environment. That is, heat, humidity and air pressure will change the pitch.

To give you some background, middle C is 256 HZ (cycles per second), low C is 128 HZ. There are 6 full note or 11 intervals (sharps and notes) within the octave. A key on the piano can vary about 10 HZ and still be considered of that note, in tune.

To get a very accurate vibration we can computer generate the sound. The speakers and amplifier can and do distort, alter, the sound. For many years there has been a tool that is very accurate, does not vary much with temperature, humidity or pressure. The tool is called a tuning fork.

Tuning forks are not only extremely accurate but they are also portable. There are many sets of tuning forks, to correspond to the many points within the human energy system. Each fork helps to bring the corresponding points into tune.

The original use of the forks was to tune pianos. As an out of tune piano is not pleasant to play or listen to, so is the energy system discordant when it is out of tune. A piano tuner uses the tuning forks to bring the piano back into tune. Similarly a trained energy worker can use tuning forks to bring you back into tune.

We use tuning forks in our practice and teach the use of tuning forks to other practitioners. We have had several students who are musicians and have taken our classes to get a deeper understanding of how the music they produce affects their audiences. Remember, a practitioner, like us, will heal one person at a time while a performer can heal an entire audience.

As stated there are many sets of tuning forks sold for healing. We have two sets that we find most useful. These are the harmonic set which works on the Chakra system, the system at the heart of Eastern healing, and the Spherot or Kabalistic Tree of Life set. This one works on the system that is at the heart of the Middle Eastern healing.

The frequencies can be introduced into the system either as sound or vibrations. Forks come in two basic styles, weighted and un-weighted. Weighted forks vibrate harder but the volume, amount of sound, is lower. To use a weighted fork the practitioner touches the end of the stem to the client’s body. The harder the surface the more the client feels the vibration. Un-weighted forks are presented first to both ears of the client and then aimed at the appropriate point on the body.

Each type has its place and use. In most cases we prefer the un-weighted. Many of the message therapists we know prefer the weighted forks. By the same token, we prefer to work off the body or with light touch. In massage the therapist is applying pressure to the body.

We have found that a treatment that includes the use of tuning forks goes deeper into the system, works more quickly and the results last longer. Work with these very accurate sounds adds another dimension to the treatments.


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