If you have been reading our articles you know we often talk about being positive, about avoiding negatives. This article is going to focus on a negative that we always need to be aware of, cautions. That is, when to not use a product or treatment.

In an article or narrative an audience is identified and addressed. In this case we have written this article addressing the energy worker or practitioner. As a client you should know what to expect from the person who you have chosen to assist you on your healing journey. Please read on with that in mind. It may give you an insight into why the practitioner does or does not do or say some things. Our contact information is attached. Feel free to contact us. As stated elsewhere in this article, we are not lawyers or doctors so we can not issue legal opinions nor can we diagnose or prescribe.

We teach Stone Healing Energy, Tuning Fork s for Healers, Protection for Energy Healers and Energy Exchange classes and have studied and are certified in other modalities, such as Healing Touch. Although energy work does not have the long lists of side effects that most medications do, there are still cautions.

The most obvious come when making stone elixirs. As part of the standard process the stone is placed in water. At the end drops of the elixir are placed under the tongue. There are a number of stones, such as malachite and amber, that when placed in water produce a toxic substance, they poison the water. The reference books caution us to use an alternate method for generating an elixir from these stones.

Many people do not know the effects of stones. Other people will over use a stone. One of the best stones for protection is black tourmaline. Jewelers make pendants out of black tourmaline. The recipients of these beautiful black pendants will wear them every day. After a few weeks or months the person who wears the pendant may confide to a friend, or a practitioner like ourselves, that something has changed. They can no longer form attachments. They have, by the constant wearing of the tourmaline, formed a protective field over their heart.

In much energy work we normally will work from the extremities inward or from the feet towards the head or from the outer layers of the auric field in. This adds to the pressure, until everything is brought back into balance. For a person with heart problems or with a headache this can be a problem. As an energy worker you must be cautious of these situation and work from the heart out or from the head down.

There is another set of cautions. These deal with personal space, energy, ethics and legal issues. They are cautions to protect you, as an energy worker, and your client. As a caution to the reader, we are not lawyers and cannot render a legal opinion or give legal advice.

Most energy workers are not doctors. Even those with medical training like paramedics and nurses are not licensed to diagnose or prescribe. Avoid even looking like you are giving a diagnoses or prescription. You can end up in court. You can always point your client to a book or article and let them make up their own mind. If you feel that there is a serious problem, refer them to their physician or a licensed therapist. You would not, for example, want to be responsible for someone committing suicide.

At the end of every session be cautious. Talk with and observe your client before they leave your office. You do not want someone leaving who is not fully present. They are going to drive home. You do not want to be responsible for them getting into a traffic accident and injuring either themselves or another person.

Inappropriate touching is another issue. Clients often feel our hands touching them, even when it is only our energy. Your hands may be four or even eighteen inches from the client’s body and they will feel your hand on them. Children and people who have been abused are especially likely to have this kind of reaction. Work with your eyes open and watch for unexpected reactions from the client. With children it is usually good to have the parent remain in the room with them. More than one person has had their reputation ruined by such accusations, even when later proved false.

It is considered unethical for a doctor or psychiatrist to date a patient. The same should be true for the energy worker. You are in the client’s energy. You are inside of there defenses. You have an unfair advantage. You know more about them than almost anyone else. You can influence them in ways beyond the norm. If a problem arises in the relationship they may feel manipulated.

We did write earlier in this article about the caution against diagnosing. There is a related topic, transference. There are two types of transference. One relates to the last topic. That is, a client will often transfer the feelings of love they have to you, as the practitioner, because you make them feel warm, safe and secure, as they did in their mother’s womb. The other we also must always be cautious of. Many practitioners will start to get a strong message about a malady. They will get this message with nearly everyone they see. When this starts to happen, the practitioner should try to discern whether the malady is in the clients or them self. It is not statistically probable that half of your clients start to have the same malady all at the same time.

Remember, being cautious protects your clients. Being cautious protects you. Being cautious protects our rights to do this sacred work.

A number of clients are trying everything they can. Treatments may either counteract each other or magnify the effects. In the first case, the best result is that they neutralize each other. They can, however, also work to produce a result that is completely alien to either. The same is true of the second. At best they enhance the effects. At worst they become so powerful that they severely alter the client’s energy.

Some people use energy work as an excuse for not doing the work they should, skipping their medication or avoiding treatment. In order to get healthier they must eat right and get exercise. Some conditions, like depression, have lethargy as part of the symptoms. Depression is an early symptom of a number of serious illnesses, like cancer. Encourage your clients to seek proper medical and mental attention. Encourage them to eat right and to get exercise. Encourage them to make the changes in their lives that will improve their quality of life, especially your clients that are workaholics.

There are two cautions you should give your clients. First, that if they want to get the maximum benefit they need to share with you what other actions they are using and what other symptoms they are experiencing. Second, that more is not always better. When it is cold outside a small fire in the furnace in good, setting the house on fire will generate too much heat.

As we stated at the beginning, these cautions go both ways. Both the practitioner and the client should have this knowledge. If you feel that your client or your practitioner should see this article, give them a copy. They should be pleased that you care enough about them to want to make sure that they are protected and that you take healing seriously enough to make sure you are protected.

One final note, energy work does not invalidate other medical practices. Energy work will, in most cases enhance other healing processes. The caution comes from this enhancement. For example, if a bone is broken energy healing should not be used until after the bone is set. Energy work will accelerate the natural healing of the broken bone. This may result in the doctor needing to break the bone again before setting it. When energy work is done after the break is in a cast, it will usually heal in about half the time.


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