By Chris and Dave Wattenberg

Most people who read this magazine are aware of the chakra system. If you studied the martial arts you should be familiar with the meridians and chi, as in Tai Chi or Chi Gung. Often we hear of the aura. This is like the northern lights or aurora borealis.

This vision of the human energy system is often referred to as the energy field or fields. There are seven layers to the aura. They correspond to the seven chakras.

Taken as a whole, many people can view and read the aura. Aura photography is used as an analytic tool in determining the overall well being. A good reader can point out many attributes of the aura.

One attribute is the size of the field. A normal person will have a field that extends 28 to 36 inches from the body. Energy workers usually will have larger fields. It was said that the Buddha had a field that extended five miles.

Think of the aura like a balloon that your physical body is in the center of. This balloon acts as a protection. It must be properly inflated to afford the maximum protection.

When people are under attack, as in a bad relationship or job, they tend to pull in. They deflate their balloon, to avoid it coming in contact with the negative energy from others. If you think of yourself as an egg and your field is pulled in it is like an egg wrapped in plastic wrap. When anything hits the wrap, the egg cracks. The wrap holds the contents of the egg, so others do not feel the damage, but the egg is still cracked.

If the balloon is properly inflated, it is like an egg inside an air pillow that is used for shipping fragile items. You could drop that off a building and the egg would not break.

Pushing out on the field, over inflating, stretches the membrane too thin and makes it stiff or brittle. When something strikes a field in that condition the balloon ruptures. The negativity comes in and you are left unprotected.

So, how do you keep your balloon properly inflated? The easiest answer is to never let it get over or under inflated. Meditation and energy practices will teach you to keep in balance, grounded, in harmony or centered. Many religious practices also can help.

Even the most learned and skilled people have times when they get out of the perfect state. Energy workers can help. When they bring you back into balance they will, even without directly addressing it, readjust the pressure in your balloon.

There are some energy workers who have been trained to work directly on the energy fields. Where most energy workers will “clear the aura” these workers can assess each of the seven layers and determine the spacing, strength and texture of each. They are also trained in adding special protections to the seventh layer.

There are some conditions that show up as anomalies in the layers. For example, autistic children usually do not have a seventh layer. People who have had chronic illnesses will have weak or soft layers. Migraine headaches manifest as the portions of the field above the head as being blown out.

When one or more of the layers is weak or damaged it is not enough to clear the fields. The violent methods some energy workers use to clear the aura may add to the underlying problem, the weakness in the fields. The fields need to be rebuilt and strengthened.

The membranes that separate the fields keep the fields in their place. When a membrane is missing or has a whole in it, then the fields leak into one another.

When people first learn about the fields and the problem with the field being to close or too far from their energy center, they start to push the fields out. The result is that all seven layers are pushed out to about 36 inches from the body. There is no differentiation between the layers.

There is a one serious effect of the fields all being pushed to the outer limit of the fields. When another person comes close to you they are inside all of the layers. Your protection is easily breached. Again, the answer is to have the layers strong, smooth, healthy and well spaced.

It always sees that there is one more consideration. The body should be in the center of the energy field. Have you ever felt beside yourself or as if you are getting ahead of yourself. The outward symptom is that you stub your toe or miss a step. The reason is that you, or your energy field, is walking down the center of the hallway but your physical body is to the left, right, in front or behind your energy body.

A number of situations can lead to this condition. Physically it can be caused by an accident. Emotional traumas can also cause this condition. Some people are susceptible to environmental influences like electromagnetic emanations, earth quakes or high winds.

The first instinct is to push the energy field back into place. If the field moves back into place, it will drift back out of position in a short time. The act of pushing the field will also distort or warp the field. Pushing the field will, usually, do more damage than it will help.

The field can be gently coxed back into position. This will not damage the field. It also does not tend to hold. That is, it will drift back out of position.

Energetically, the root cause is that the energy center, the Hara line, has been shifted. In order to correct the problem, the Hara must be moved back into place and, in many cases, repaired. There are a number of techniques that address this issue. Among them are Energetic Transformation, Stone Healing and the Energy Exchange.

These deeper energy issues need specialized techniques. As with everything, prevention is always the best medicine. Learn to keep yourself spiritually healthy and problems will either not occur or will be minor.


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