Everyone’s situation is uniquely their own. Each of us has traveled our own path on a journey through life. Thus we each have learned different lessons and have had different experiences. People are at different points of learning when they come into this world. The lessons you learn are not always lessons others have learned.

There was a substitute teacher whose class was wasting paper and supplies. These students needed to learn about saving the environment. She told the class about how that harms the environment. The class did not want to listen. So she informed the regular teacher. When she returned later in the year the student called her the tree lady and told her that they understood now. Sometimes a lesson must be repeated before it can be learned, don’t give up.

Plant seeds and watch them grow. Sometimes we learn, sometimes we teach. Most times we learn when we teach and our teachers learn from us.

Let go of the pain others cause you. Maybe you needed that situation to help you grow and/or the person who caused the pain, needed to learn a lesson. Everyone doesn’t come into the world with the same knowledge or gifts. We each have to work on our situation and help others on their path.

Blessings are coming all the time, some in disguises. When challenge confronts us we often feel as though we were just slammed with another disaster. We forget that this is a way in which character is forged. The way we face our challenges is important and can yield profound blessings.

Think of some circumstance in your life. Think of ones that left you feeling cursed, punished, etc. Reflect on the outcome. Was that teacher you hated actually a blessing, were you learning a life lesson?

In reality goodness pours forth continuously. We cannot see the outcome of events as they occur. We judge some events as good or blessings and others as evil or curses. If we look broader and deeper we appreciate the growth and development in every situation. Instead at waiting for hindsight, accept the challenges and look forward to the lesson you will learn. Let each experience increase and expand our consciousness so we can see the good around us.

Look at the deeper dimensions of your encounters and see the outgrowth of the conflicts. Walk away from destructive entanglements. Walk toward the possibilities of new relationships. Work through your personal emotional attachments leaving behind the pain you have suffered or caused. Forgive yourself and others. Know that whatever you or they did helped you learn and grow. Even though it was painful, it was an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson.

Judgments are often wrong. Without knowing everything another person has lived through we cannot know what is best for them. Take, for example, artificial sweeteners. For a diabetic they are also essential. For a person with an allergy they can be fatal.

Wish everyone well. Wish them hope, joy and renewal. Giving anger and harm only cause more hurt. Neither you nor they are healed or improved.

We are each a part of a tapestry, each with a specific part to be woven, together creating a great tapestry.

Oneness is not about perfection, it is about creating harmony in an imperfect world. We all have our faults, but when we work together we are one.

Make a warm healing circle around your heart and solar plexus. Continue to move through your whole body, helping the body, mind and spirit unite.

Ask for absolution and when it comes accept it. Grant others absolution, you cannot be forgiven if you are not willing to forgive. Say “may no person be punished because of me.”


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