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Kyanite is a stone that comes in many colors. These include blue, white, black, green, pink and yellow. It is found in many parts of the world. These include Minas Gerais, Brazil. The chemical formula is Al2SiO5. So much for the statistics.

Kyanite is self cleansing and so it does not hold negativity. The applications of kyanite are unlimited. If directed with the intent of the healer, kyanite aligns the chakras automatically, clearing the pathways and meridians. Kyanite provides balancing of the yin-yang energies.

A simple treatment is to place a piece of black kyanite at the feet and a piece of blue kyanite at the crown. The two samples should be about the same size. Lay between the two for fifteen minutes to an hour or until you feel that your energy is balanced. For a more powerful treatment place a piece of each, blue and black, at both the head and feet. The blue on the left and black on the right at the head and the black on the left and blue on the right at the feet.

 Kyanite is a good choice for a pendant.

Kyanite can also align the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric, Celestial and Ketheric bodies. By placing blue kyanite at the head, under a pillow, and black kyanite between the feet, you can work on these subtle bodies. It releases stagnant energies and realigns the whole body systems.

Let us talk about the auric body system.

The chakras of the auric body transmit energy between the auric levels. Each layer has its own set of seven major chakras located in the same place on the physical body. Energy is transmitted from one layer to the next through the chakras. The chakras vitalize the body by absorbing the universal or primary energy. Each of the seven layers correlates with the corresponding chakra. When an issue related to a chakra is compromised, the field will be compromised. The process of inner healing rebalances the energies in each body by correcting and repairing the appropriate layer of the aura through energy healing.

All subtle bodies maintain a flow of information and energy between them. Placing crystals or stones within the auric field can work on these areas of stagnant energy, releasing them and realigning the whole subtle body system.

The Physical body is our beingness. Natural metabolism of chemical energies balanced physical systems creating health.

The etheric-physical field, the first layer the Etheric body releases energy flow and vibrations in etheric body and restructures it, rebalances metabolism or organs in the etheric body. It reflects the physical body. Natural metabolism of energy, which maintains the structure and function of the etheric body, yin/yang balanced, your OK.

The astral field, the second layer the physical reflects the Emotional Body reflects blocked feelings and pain. Work on this layer to release energetic flow of feelings. Natural unblocked flow of feelings corresponding with Divine Reality creates love. Being the least stable of the subtle structures it is the easiest to modify with crystals.

The mental-inferior field, the third layer, the Mental Body, channels dualistic thinking patterns, our beliefs and thought structure. Clear thinking used to implement love and will. It reveals itself through the objective, linear, and rational mind.

The mental-superior field or principle of the soul, the fourth layer, the Astral Level, gives love and acceptance. I love humanity. Represents the subjective spirit, abstract thought, intuition, inspiration, creativity and conscience, your personality and a mixture of feelings and thoughts.

The spiritual field, the  fifth layer, the Etheric Template Body, realigns individual will to Divine Will. Thy will and mine are one. This is the fusion of the cosmic and the individual, the communion of your being with the power and forces of the universe.

The field of intuition, the sixth layer, the Celestial Body, sits in Universal Love. I love life universally. The field of cosmic reality, the seventh layer, the Ketheric Template,  to elevate belief system. I know I am one with God.

The sixth and seventh fields will manifest themselves especially around very developed spiritual people.

Finer subtle bodies contain our spiritual goals and aspirations, our links to the collective unconscious and the awareness of larger, universal energy patterns. These can be worked on with crystals, though it is less easy to define these subtle.


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