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Let us start with a statement. There is no reality. There is only perception. No matter what happens, the color flavor and smell of the situations are viewed through the experiences of the observer.

Here are a couple of experiments you can conduct to prove this. Actually, all you should need to do is sit back and remember. We are sure that you have lived these experiments already.

First, sit down with several members of your family, one at time, who were with you at an important event in your life. Ask each to recount the event. Be real careful not to show any surprise at what they say. You must be a neutral observer. Also be careful that they do not overhear what any of the others say. You will be surprised how the stories vary. Brothers and sisters often find it hard to believe that they had the same parents or relatives, their perceptions of events and people are so different.

Second, go to a museum you remember from your childhood. Look at the paintings or sculptures you remember best from then. These should be items you have not seen in the time between. You will be surprised at how much larger or smaller they look. You are not the same person you were when you were a child.

Disease is often caused by perception. The person, who goes into a restaurant and sees everything as dirty, stands a greater chance of getting ill. The people who perceive themselves weak and victims stand a greater chance of being injured.

When seeking healing, people will relate all that they can to their perceptions. They cannot tell what really happened only what they experienced. The person who is colorblind cannot tell the colors. The deaf cannot tell the sounds. Likewise the blind and musicians can usually discern subtleties in the sounds. Artists and the deaf distinguish between colors that others see as the same.

In some cases having others who were present recount what they experienced may fill in blanks and change the perception. Even objective records, like an audio recording or videotape, may help. Often such records will not change the perception. Sometimes this is correct because the microphone or video recorder was far from where the person was. The recorder could not pick up what the person saw or heard.

It does not matter what really happened. What was perceived is what must be resolved. The first step is often just this, educating the person seeking healing that everything is perception. Letting them know that every-thing is true, from a certain point of view. People resent someone that they tried to help but the person did not see that the effort was to aid them. People resent a friend who harms them, no matter what they intention was. This difference in perception causes resentment and harm to both people.

As with any healing, no one can change another. No healer can heal anyone except her or him self. The healer can show the way. Each person must travel his or her own path. The healer cannot change another person's perception. They can show the way. It is the person's perception. Only they can change it. The new perception will also be their's and will also be seen from their own viewpoint.

Enjoy the world from every angle. The more you experience the more you can perceive. Under-stand that everyone has his or her own perception.

Everyone has her or his own experiences. Everyone stands in a different place on his or her path through life. Naturally their viewpoint will be different from yours.

Understand and accept that no two people can ever experience the same event in the same way. One perception is not better or worse than another, just different. The only perceptions that need to be changed are those that do you harm. The only perceptions that can be changed are those that you are willing to change.


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