Quiet Please

Quiet Please

Chris and Dave Wattenberg

As we have worked with many healers we have talked about how they experience energy. Some of them feel energy as heat, pressure or static. Others see energy as colors or auras. Some smell energy. Some feel it in their bodies. Some hear the energy.

For some time we have been interested in music as a healer. We learned, and teach, the use of sound in healing. We use tuning forks. Every part of the energy system has a tone that it vibrates to when it is in optimum condition. This includes each chakra, each organ, each acupoint and each meridian.

If a healer knows the tone that is correct, they can place a finger into the energy flow and hear if the part of the energy is in tune. If not it may be higher in pitch or lower even wavering. For example, the root chakras vibrates at a middle C, 256 Hz. The chakra can be open, spinning well and balanced, but still be out of tune, as 300 Hz.

When entering a healing room we are often surrounded by music. Sometimes the music is mixed with earth sounds like rain storms or birds singing. The music is there to sooth and calm the client. It also makes it hard for the healer to hear. This closes an evaluation aid from the healer.

You would not want to try to feel energy in a wind tunnel. You would not want to try to see energy in an electric light show. Why put music on when trying to hear energy. Either allow the room to be quiet or at least play the music low.

Whether the healer has perfect pitch or relative pitch makes no difference, if they use a simple procedure. Tap the tuning fork and hold it to the healer’s ear. Then place a finger in the chakra and allow the vibration of the chakra to enter the healer’s system. The healer then just needs to note if the tone is the same or different.

For reference the harmonic chakra tunes are:
Root (Muladhara) C 256 Hz.
Sacral (Svadhisthana) D 288 Hz.
Solar Plexus (Manipura) E 320 Hz.
Heart (Anahata) F 341.3 Hz.
Throat (Vishudda) G 384.Hz.
Third Eye (Ajna) A 426.7 Hz.
Crown (Sahasrara) B 480 Hz.

The same technique can be used with organs, meridians and acupoints. There is one caution. The healer must be able to keep the tune in their head and set their intention to hear the client’s tune. If the healer sends the sound out their fingers then they will change the part of the energy system they are listening for. They will bring that part of the system back into tone.

It is said that silence is golden. For some healers, silence is a way to open them to hearing the energy system. It is another method of assessing the client.


Chris and Dave Wattenberg CHTP, SHP/I are: Stone Healers, Certified BioSonic Repatterning (Tuning Fork Therapist), Certified Healing Touch Practitioners, and other healing modalities. They have developed and teach classes in Stone Healing Energy and Tuning Fork Therapy. In addition to their own practice they are active members of the Healing Touch Center.


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