The All American Crystal

Many healers and healing practices use stones and crystals. Native healers through the centuries have used crystals for moving the energy or for pulling negative energy, illness or demons from their patients. One of the favorites has been quartz or variants of quartz. Quartz comes in many varieties.

Quartz, in its purest form, is a clear, colorless crystal. Contaminants in the chemicals while the crystals are forming often give the quartz color. One of the most common is a purple coloration known as Amethyst. If the Amethyst is exposed to heat, as being near a volcano, the chemicals change color and the purple turns amber in color and becomes Citrine.

Quartz crystals come in many shapes. The basic form grows from the base and ends in a point. The point has six faces. In most cases the faces are uneven. That is, the faces are flat but not the same size. When all six faces meet at the point the crystal is known as a generator.

Some crystals form starting not at the base but from another crystal. If the second crystal forms in parallel to the first it is called a dolphin crystal, because it resembles a baby dolphin swimming next to its mother. When the second crystal grows across the first, it is called a bridge crystal.

There are some crystals that form in the chemical mix without starting at the base or from another crystal. These usually have a point at both ends. Many bridge crystals also have points at both ends. A crystal with a point at both ends is called a double terminated crystal.

There is a very special type of double terminated quartz crystal. It grows inside a gray rock. They are often so pure and clear that they resemble cut diamonds. Unlike diamonds, they come out of the rocks bright and shiny.

They do not need to be faceted to bring out their beauty. They are found in a small area of New York State near the city of Herkimer. This is how they got their name, Herkimer Diamonds.

Stones and crystals amplify and clarify energy. Crystal points or wands move the energy from the base in the direction of the point. They draw or send the energy in one direction. A double terminated crystal sends the energy in both directions at once. This bidirectional flow brings balance.

A Herkimer Diamond that is a half or a quarter of an inch has the power of a much larger quartz crystal. These little crystals are our favorites. Besides being extremely powerful, they are very portable. It is easy to place one in a small bag and keep it in your pocket or with your other healing supplies.

The Herkimer is our favorite stone. We use it in many healing techniques and almost always have at least one with us. We have found that Herkimer Diamonds select you, not you selecting the Herkimer. For us, small Herkimer Diamonds work best.

To date Herkimer Diamonds only come from N.Y. They are truly an all American crystal. They should be in every healer's tool kit.


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