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We teach Stone Healing Energy classes. One of the first quests that is usually asked is “Does size matter?” The answer is simply “YES”.

Rarely is such a simple answer complete. Yes size matters. Finding the right size is important. Americans tend to think that extremes are the best. Advertisers spend huge amounts trying to convince us that if a little is good then massive amounts are better. Likewise, if large amounts are bad then none would be very good.

Every fast food chain has created super sized meals. Interestingly the most nutritious parts of these meals are kept at the regular size. The soft drinks and fries, the “empty calories” are super sized.

In the popular diet culture we saw the demonizing of all fats and oils. There were, and still are, many “zero fats” proponents. The body needs some fats and oils. There are some nutrients that are needed for health that are either oils of oil soluble. In short, if you eliminate all fats and oils you can become ill.

The issue is not getting the biggest or the smallest. It is not getting the most or the least. The issue is the same for all metaphysical pursuits, in fact for everything in life, finding balance, finding the optimum for you.

Think of fastening two pieces of lumber together. If the boards are a half inch thick, a quarter inch long screw will not even make it through the first board. Longer is clearly better. So how about a four inch long screw? That would leave three inches protruding, it would be too long. A three quarter inch long screw would go through the first board, well into the second and leave nothing protruding.

Image a window that is three feet wide and two feet high. If you install a curtain that is twenty feet wide and twelve feet high it will drag on the floor and be so bunched up that you will never be able to open the curtain. Smaller would be better. So you try to cover it with a one foot by one foot curtain there will be a lot of window left uncovered.

Let us get back to the stones. The larger a stone or crystal the more energy it has. That does not mean that a two inch smoky quartz point has four times the power of a half inch Herkimer diamond. In fact, in most cases, the half inch Herkimer will have more energy than the smoky quartz.

If you have two stones of the same type and quality, the larger will have more energy than the smaller stone. So do you want the largest one? No, you want the right size stone. A huge stone being used with an infant is, energetically, like driving over them with a tank instead of a teddy bear.

Larger stones will take less time to have the desired effect than small stones. A very large crystal may do its work in two seconds while a very small stone may take two hours. Small stones, thereby, are perfect for wearing in a pocket or bra.

For most energy work we find stones between half and one inch to be easy to work with. So if you are trying to take care of itching will a one inch piece of chrysocola work as well as a three inch piece of fire agate? Chrysocola is great work stopping itching. On the other hand, if the itching is the result of a cut or burn, the fire agate will work on the source, it will help to heal the cut or burn. Using both will heal the cause and reduce the symptom.


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