Stability or Balance
In meditation and other forms of metaphysics we learn to seek balance. In western culture we are taught that balance is like a scale, an object is placed on one side and enough weights are placed on the other side until the scales balance. Balance, in this environment, is always between two opposing entities.
Western thought is based on dichotomies. We pit good against evil, heat against cold, love against hate, and soon.
We marvel at balance when there are more or less than two variables. We watch the people on unicycles, who balance on one wheel. We love those bottle and belt holders that balance on a single point.
The truth is that we live in a three dimensional world. As such, balance must come in all three dimensions. It is not enough that balance be left and right, it must also be front and back. If it was only left and right then the balancer would fall over on its face.
The most stable objects have three legs. A tripod always has three points on the ground. Even if one of the legs of a three legged stool is shorter all three legs are on the ground and it is stable.
Have any of us not been at a table in a restaurant where one leg was shorter or the floor was uneven and the table swayed. When it happens we end up stuffing napkins under the short leg until it appears stable.
In healing we seek true balance, balance of the body, mind and spirit. When these three pillars are balanced the person becomes stable. From this stable platform the whole person can heal.
The longer we work in energy healing the less time we spend on the Chakra system. As the Dalai Lama states that you cannot use the Chakra system when talking about balance because it is one dimensional.
He recommends you look at the Kabalistic Tree of Life.
When you look at the Tree of Life you will note that it appears to be three dimensional, in actuality it has many more dimensions than three. You will also note that it is made of many triangles; we refer to these as triads.
Balancing the triads, we have found, is much more powerful than balancing the Chakras. You also can get more specific. For example, to deal with sexual issues there are two different triads, one for males and one for females. If you look at a Tree of Life drawing, with numbers, the male is 7,8 and 9 while the female is 4, 5 and 9.
These triads form stable platforms for the healing to take place on. Not all of the triads appear as triangle in the drawing, it would make the drawings chaotic. 1, 6 and 9 form a triad, for example, that when balanced has the same effect as balancing the seven Chakras.
Working with the triad allows for deeper treatments and, because they are three legged, treatments that are more stable so they last longer. The balancing can be done using just energy or with aids such as stone, tuning forks or singing bowls, tuning forks are out favorite.

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