Easy Aerobic Breathing

Aerobics means “with oxygen” and refers to the oxygenation of the body. That is, forcing oxygen into the bloodstream so that the cells can rid themselves of carbon-dioxide and replacing it with oxygen.

There are many exercise programs whose main purpose is to oxygenize the system. There are a number of aerobic breathing exercises. One of the best, however, is laughter.

There are many reasons to laugh. Laughter has many benefits for the mind, body and soul. Indulge your lighter side wherever and whenever you can. It is a way of putting a spark of life into others around you. Laughter is healing.

Laughter is a special type of aerobics. Besides forcing carbon-dioxide out of the body and replacing it with oxygen laughing cleanses mind and spirit. Laughter drives out the depression and refills with joy. It drives out lethargy and fills the mind with energy.

When you get together for a meeting, etc. set a lighter tone to your atmosphere. The meeting will be more informative and successful if the group does not feel their under tension and stress.

Below is a list of some of the rewards from laughter. Make copies: hang it up, send them to other, email, paper airplane, any way you like. Have fun with it.


Benefits of Laughter

It enjoyable

More productive

Help retain information

Strengths your immune system

Enhances cardiovascular flexibility

Strengthen your abdominal muscles

Releases pressure, stress and tension

Experience a connection with others

Experience the present to the fullest

Increases intellectual performance

Transforms emotions

Create perspective

Sharper thinking

It relaxing


Some people believe that there is always a down size to everything. Like anything else, laughter can be over done. There are side effects from an excess of laughter. Hopefully you all have experienced this. After such an overdose of laughter the ribs and diaphragm may ache.

Studies of laughter have shown that even forced laughter has the aerobic benefits. There are many ways of getting the real thing. We like listening to “Car Talk” on national public radio. Other people like cartoons or comedy clubs. Find the way that appeals to you and take two good laughs.

Before we go further we should tell you that one of the activities we participate in is clowning. We do a special type, hospital clowning. We do this in convalescent homes. It is wonderful to see the smiles come on the faces of people with no hope. You can see years drop from their faces as smiles and laughter fill them.

The darkness of years cannot survive in the light of laughter. The brightness of laughter drives away aging. Laughter makes us all feel young and full of energy.

As an aside, if you are interested in this type of clowning eMail us at

There are many types of laughter. Laughter, like anything that heals, should be positive. Laughter at the expense of others, laughter that hurts others, laughter that is demeaning, is not healing laughter.

Red Skelton, the great American comedian and clown, told the story of bringing his daughter to see him do a show. The audience loved it and roared with laughter. When he came off stage, he found his daughter in the wings of the stage with tears rolling down her face.

He asked her why she was crying. She replied, through the sobs, that the people were laughing at him. He then had to explain that they were not laughing at him but with him. He made them laugh. He got joy out of their laughter.

As energy works will attest, when you give an energy treatment you get a treatment. “Running” the energy heals the client and the healer. When there is healing energy in action everyone in the area who is open to healing gets healed.

The same is true of laughter. When a comic starts people laughing they also laugh. You have all seen the contagious effects of laughter. When it starts, and if it is not checked in its flow, laughter spreads.

Time is also not a barrier to laughter. Hours, days, weeks or even years after a good laugh the memory will bring back the smile and the warmth. Old friends can get together after a long absence and one of them can allude to the punch line of a story or event and suddenly everyone is laughing again.

Laughter, like smiles and love, can be very contagious. We firmly wish that you catch the joy and healing that they bring. May you never be cured of them and may you spread them to all that you come in contact with.

It is January, the month we celebrate the life and teachings of Martin Luther King. On Monday, February 15, 2007 remember the message of peace and hope. Tell a funny story and help to start the world laughing together.

We can all find something to smile about and someone to laugh with. Laughter is one of the most effective aerobic exercises. If you over do it, and your ribs start to hurt, remember the immortal phrase, “It only hurts when I laugh.” Laughter is healing. Laugh with your friends, your family, the people at work and even strangers.

Let us leave you with the story of three sisters who went out golfing. Everything went as usual until they got to the seventh hole. Janet teed up first. She addressed the ball, swung and hit the ball. It rose majestically into the air and then hooked to the left. They all watched as the ball landed and bounced into the wood. All three agreed that they know exactly where it entered the wood.

Toni placed her ball on the tee and, with some trepidation, stepped up, got into position, swung and let the ball rip. The ball shot off straight into the wheel of the golf cart, ricocheted to the ball washer, bounced off that and flying between the sisters hit the bench with a load thump and then bounced again off the golf cart rocketing high into the air and straight to the same spot in the wood.

They looked at each other and started to laugh. They discussed there favorite Three Stooges and Little Rascal movies. All three agreed that they would not have believed that last shot in any movie.

It took Rose several minutes to regain her concentration. She teed up her ball, got into position, focused on the seventh green, and then started to laugh again. This was repeated two more times and then her concentration held.

She swung her club and her ball was off like a shot. It went straight down the fairway. It traveled down the center of the fairway and then a hawk flow across the fairway catching the Rose’s golf ball in midair. You guessed it, the hawk dropped the ball and it bounce into the woods at the same spot.

They dropped everything and walked, almost mechanically, to the spot at the edge of the wood where they saw all three golf balls enter. They stopped there and peered in. They looked along the border between the fairway and the woods. They were amazed. It looked like no person had entered the woods at this point for years.

Cautiously they entered the woods. They walked in about ten yards and there they saw their three balls. Each one was three feet from the other two golf balls in a perfect triangle. In the center of this triangle there was the surface of a piece of wood and an old metal belt visible. They started to clear the dirt off the wood and noticed that there were several strips of wood being held together by the metal belts. The continued and found a small chest.

They pulled the box out of the ground. It had to be at least 200 years old. They opened the chest to find it full of gold coins. After looking at each other they screamed in unison, “We are rich!”

Janet said “Some power greater than us has shown us this location.” To which Tony added “must share this treasure.” Rose said “God lead us hear and showed us the treasure, but how should we divide it?”

Janet suggested “Let us throw all of the coins into the air and the coins that fall back into the chest we keep the rest we give to God.” Toni broke in “No, no, we throw all of the coins up into the air and those that land in the chest we give to God the rest we keep for ourselves.” Then Rose said “No, we throw all of the coins high up and what God wants God keeps.”

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