Positive Thoughts and Actions

Today we are in a multicultural, politically correct world. In the healing world, we use many terms to try to refer to the universal energy in a politically correct way. There have been many names. For this article we will use Divine.

We are part of a changing world and as such we have to try to deal with it to the best of our ability. Friends came into our lives as well as leave. Natural disasters happen and new growth comes. The only constant is the Divine. We must root ourselves to the Divine, the Source to live fully and peacefully.

If one chooses to be negative they add to the problem. Negative attitudes inhibit the flow of creative energies. Anger, anxiety, destructive criticism, doubt, envy, fear, gossip, guilt, hatred, jealousy, laziness, shame, etc. are forms of negative thinking and actions. Make your thoughts positive. If you can be positive it is more effective and you can make a difference. Positive thinking and actions include creating, building, dancing, joy, happiness, humor, laughter, love, peace, play, singing, smile, etc.

If we choose not to work in harmony with others, we stay separate and uncooperative we experience illness. When the components of our body do not work well together, we experience disease. Negative behavior develops into bad habits, feelings etc. Sometimes we need to let go and not be attached to the outcome. We can not control others. You can give support and be nonjudgmental. Who knows what is really best for someone?

We create a chain reaction with our thoughts, let them be positive ones. Send positive energy in return for the negative energy that comes your way. Trying to destroy negative energy just enhances it. Positive energy can neutralize the negative and will eventually flow back to the source of the negative energy.

Why not send more positive energy to those who seem to need it. They are already feeling bad, that is why they are sending negative energy. By sending them love, concern and understanding, we can turn it around. Open up to the peace that you are, and your life will be more peaceful.

Approach people in a positive way instead of saying, No don’t do that. Suggest that they try it in another way. Once there was a kindergartener who would come to class every day and scribble on the paper. One day the teacher stopped her just as she completed an oval. The teacher said “Look  you made an Ellipse.” She was so happy she had drew something recognizable. After she was good at making ovals the teacher helped to expand that into other things, like faces, turtles etc. The teacher did not approach it in a negative way, but assisted her on her path of learning. 

When we live with compassion, peace and harmony, we experience well being. 

We should be embracing all living things, the natural beauty of our world, with compassion and love. The separations and divisions in our world caused by our thoughts and beliefs need to be examined and corrected. Together we can stop dividing the world, races, religions, sexes, ages, etc. and live in harmony and love. The Divine Source is not only outside you but within you as well. We need to open our hearts and receive the spirit around us. Align yourself to the natural forces working with us, helping and supporting us. We need to move past tolerance. Tolerance implies something harmful to us, as in “how much of this poison can you tolerate?” We need to move to acceptance, understanding, respect and honor. If we honor one another, then we honor the Divine and live our lives to the fullest with the Divine Source at our side. Follow your inner guidance and put the Divine first in your life. Be at one with the Source. Choose to live fully and peacefully with your oneness.

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