The 30 Second Makeover
People are in a hurry. They want instant gratification. They have grown to expect what they want now. We have a way that you can look better, be more popular, be healthier and have more energy. All of these can start in half a minute.
Most instant cures are either fakes or very expensive. This is neither. It makes a profound and real change. It cost nothing and does not compromise who you are.
For men as well as women, for the old as well as the young it is the most important beauty aid we have found. It is better than any cosmetic and is deep. Remember, cosmetic implies that its fake and only on the surface.
Unlike cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, there are no health warnings. It does, however, have some side affects. You will feel better. Your work, love live, sleep, etc. may all improve.
By now you either are getting ready to tear up this magazine because you cannot wait to find out what it is or you are just reading on because you think it is not real. One last statement before we spring the secret, a secret known to millions for thousands of years. The 30 makeup’s basic instructions come in one work and here it is.
That is the secret. That is almost all there is to it. What else is there to it?
First, size counts. Too big a smile in a solemn occasion is considered inappropriate. Can you smile at a funeral, sure, just let other people know that you were thinking of a good time you had with the deceased or something humorous that they had said and follow that by asking them if they can tell you of one of the two types of occurrences. If you do not have a big smile at a humorous event, like a comedy club, then you are mocking or patronizing.
Second, do not push it. People know a forced smile. Everything you do with the forced smile on your face comes across as insincere. You become that sales person or conman that nobody trusts. Let it come from within.
Third, keep it natural. This is the hardest for people who are new to smiling or are out of practice. Find something to smile about. It is best if you can find something related to the situation to smile about. It can even be to think of a TV show that was like this and really funny. Just remember the first warning and keep it appropriate to the situation.
After a while you will find that you are smiling all the time. Guess what? When you smile people start to smile back. They start to look better, not as good as you, but better that they did. The tension and stress of situations start to dissipate.
At work, people start to work together. Everyone becomes more productive. People start to support each other. The “yes and” mentality starts to spread. That is, instead of people shooting down or tearing apart each others’ ideas they start to build on one another. When one asks if their idea will work, instead of being told “No” they hear “Yes and we can…” Everything becomes a collaborative or team effort. Everyone wins.
Let us give you one last warning. Smiling is both addictive and contagious. Once you start to smile from the inside out you start to feel better about yourself, other people and the situations you find yourself in. You want to smile all the time. Those around you will start to smile as soon as they see you. Once they real get into it, they too will become addicted. Do not worry; nobody has ever been prosecuted for this addiction.

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