We are active in a group that runs an energy healing clinic. The clinic has two major goals. First, to give students a place to practice under the supervision and tutelage of certified practitioners. The second is to provide the community with a place to, at a minimum cost, experience energy healing.

The other day several of us were discussing a client. This client had been coming to the clinic for three years. This client reported the same symptoms nearly every time. Each time the client leaves they are feeling good and seems to be satisfied, at least the client keeps coming back. For us, however, this is a problem. Although the treatments are relieving the symptoms the client is not healing.

We brainstormed to try to find ways to help the client along. One of the first subjects that came up was a discussion of the root cause or probable root cause. None of the members of the team could make a good estimate of what was causing this client’s issues. Most of us had worked on the client but none of us had gotten any real information. The charts, one from each session, were also very sparse on details.

This article is to address the real issue. In healing sessions there must be a partnership between the client and the practitioner. No “healer” can heal anyone, except them self. The client must do the actual healing. The healer can clear the blocks that stop the client from healing. We can help the client focus on what needs to happen. Even the best surgeon will tell you that no matter how skilled they are some patients will still die.

The client that we had been discussing withheld information. By doing that they were limiting the practitioners from helping. Imagine going into an auto repair shop and telling the fix your car and them walking out, without telling them any of the symptoms or that someone had tried to disassemble and reassemble the engine. Would you be surprised that did not get fixed completely?

The practitioner should know enough to as leading questions. If, like this client, the client chooses to either not answer the questions or give wrong answers, then the client is sabotaging their own progress.

We have dealt with a number of women who came in because they are having problems getting pregnant. Many times they will request a female practitioner. They are blocking the male energy. Once they start to accept or request a male practitioner they open themselves to the male energy and they get pregnant.

There also must partnerships between the practitioner and their tools as well as between the tools and the client. We have one client who loves stones and hates tuning forks. No matter how much we, as practitioners, like the tuning forks a tuning fork treatment will never work on that client.

We have been trained in many modalities. We do not even tell our clients about some of the modalities because those modalities are not tools we like to work with. We all have our favorite tools. The partnership between the practitioner and the tool enhances both.

The ideal situation, and the one that produces the fastest healing, is a client who is open and works with the practitioner. At the same time the practitioners has the tools that they like and are comfortable with. These are enhanced when the client like the tools and participates in the treatment and continues to allow the energy to work afterwards. When all three, the client, the practitioner and the tools are in harmony healing is easy.

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