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There are many variations or modalities that make up the world of holistic energy or spiritual healing. Some in the medical establishment feel that these are to do with what they do. We, and the majority of the doctors, nurses and patients we come in contact with, believe that these “alternate” modalities are complementary.

The most basic difference between the established medical technology and these holistic or traditional practices is seen in the title of this article. It goes deep into the practices themselves.

What are antibiotics? They are poisons to kill off unwanted bacteria. The dosages are set in an attempt to kill off all of the unwanted bacteria while causing minimal damage to the “beneficial” bacteria.

This is a hard balance to strike. That is why many people experience digestive problems after a regiment of antibiotics. In an active yogurt there is a bacterium that supports digestion. Eating yogurt after a regiment of antibiotics can replenish these beneficial and vital bacteria. The food industry has been active lately with yogurts labeled as probiotics.

What is chemotherapy? Like antibiotics, there is not just one compound that is called chemotherapy. It is a family of toxins, as an aside, toxin is the technical term for poison. When one is intoxicated they are under the influence of a poison. Most of us think if intoxication as being drunk or under the influence of the poison alcohol. Carbon Monoxide, cocaine, lead or any of the other poisons can also cause intoxication.

Chemotherapy is the therapeutic use of poisons, toxins, to kill off cancerous cells. The balance is very delicate. Healthy cells are killed along with the cells that are cancerous.

In some cases healthy cells are taken from the patient before chemotherapy and reintroduced afterwards. This is sometimes done with blood disorders where bone marrow is extracted before chemo, and injected back afterwards.

What is surgery? In most cases it is the removal of “damaged” tissues. It is the most graphic form of “anti”. It is against the tissue.

So, how does the “pro” side show up? Look at a dentist’s office. We all know about the “anti” side of dentistry, drilling cavities or pulling teeth. The other side is big. Hopefully, most of us go to the dentist for regular cleanings, and have nothing else needed. Our children are given fluoride treatments and are taught to brush and floss.

These are pro-health treatments. The goal is to promote the health of the teeth and gums. These treatments do not kill the bacterium that causes the cavities or gum disease, they encourage and strengthen the natural system so that these systems can handle the naturally occurring bacteria, viruses and chemicals. They prevent, in a positive way, the growth of these microbes before they can cause problems.

Complimentary therapies, energy workers have one major goal, to bring the energy systems of their clients into balance. That is, to promote the natural functions of all the systems.

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