Cause vs. Symptom

Dr. W Burgh Joy author of “Joy’s Way” talks about his discovering the human energy system and how as a surgeon he felt he was just a plumber. He would repair a problem and another symptom would appear. He was repairing symptoms not problems. He was not getting to the cause or source of the symptoms.

Dr. Sigmund Freud taught that by treating symptoms and not getting to the cause, new symptoms would manifest. These symptoms could be emotional, behavioral or physical. Even paralysis or blindness can be manifested.

When a treatment alleviates the symptom for a short time and then the symptom returns, you know that the symptom is being treated and not the cause. Giving aspirin, Tylenol or Motrin may relieve a headache but it will not cure a tumor in the brain.

The surgeon often believes that removal of tissue is the only way to remove the source of a problem. Cutting out the weak spot in a blood vessel will remove the symptom. When there is a deficiency in the nutrition or disease has weakened the vessels, the problem will occur elsewhere.

There were many illnesses at Love Canal. Removing the people from the polluted environment stopped additional problems from occurring. The pollution was the cause.
Psychology brings us many insights. It was believed, at one time, that bipolar disease, (manic depression at that time), could be cured by electro shock. The person had a deep need to be punished. This seemed to work however, the symptoms usually reappeared. It was like turning your computer off and back on when it is misbehaving. This reset the systems but the real problem, the cause, still remained and would resurface, sometime with new symptoms.

Behavior modification came into popularity. The theory was that many of the problems were adaptations to problems that the person has outgrown. In some cases, the behavior actually supported the symptom. By changing the behavior, the problem that had long since disappeared would be solved. This worked when the cause disappeared because the person matured or if it was related to a school that they long since left.
Today, many of these problems are treated by medication. This rarely cures the problem. It rarely addresses the cause. If there is a chemical imbalance that manifests as a psychological problem, adding chemicals to bring balance treats a symptom, the imbalance. It does not treat the cause, that the body is producing too much or too little of the chemical. Drugs that a person needs to use for the rest of their lives, does provide stable income for the doctors and the drug companies.

The source of a problem is often hard to find. Once it has been found, it is usually easy to see the relationship and how the cause created the symptom.

One of our clients came with carpal tunnel syndrome. They had a decision to make about the course of their life. They were holding onto the past so tightly, that it started to hurt. Once they chose the path, the pain from the carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared.
Another practitioner tells of the client with nervous leg syndrome. They could not sleep. One day, the client came in and wanted to work on some issues she had with her abusive father. He was now in his eighties. She had ties to his control over her. They worked on eliminating these cords. She then slept through the night. She suddenly realized that every time she fell asleep she started to run from her father.

Some practitioners believe that many of the causes are based in past lives. Others practitioners believe that the causes are in this life. Some practices teach that the event that caused the symptom must be identified. Some of these even believe that the event must be relived and resolved. Many have found that this practice re-traumatizes the system.

It is our belief that every event has a lesson that needs to be learned. All events make us who we are. If we have learned our lessons we are better than we were. Healing is a path. When you are healed, you will not be as you were when you started the journey. You should have learned and be better than you were.

We need to identify the cause. We do not need to relive it. We need to honor the lesson it gave us. We do not need to feel the pain again. When we take the fear and pain from the event, we remove its power over us. When we eliminate the cords that bind us to the event or us to other people, we stop the draining of our energy. If we try to break these cords by retribution, we just cause new and stronger cords to be built.

The Dalai Lama has said that no person shall escape this world without experiencing pain. It is our choice whether or not to suffer. We all know someone who has a chronic illness and yet is one of the most positive and energetic people we know. They are often in constant pain but they do not suffer. We also know the person who seems to have everything and constantly complains. Without pain they suffer.

Honor your lessons. Enjoy who you have become. Your enemies have been some of your greatest teachers. Release the pain. Choose life and love not suffering. Stay positive.

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