One Size

We have all tried products that were listed as one size fits all. For most of us these are too large or too small. Likewise, many movies that are praised by a reviewer we do not like. We had a friend who was a very reliable movie reviewer. Every movie that she hated we loved.

This goes on and on. Most of our favorite restaurants close and McDonalds grows and expands. The local store with great service, excellent products and low prices is driven out of business by a store with poor service, little selection, low quality and great advertisements. In school the teacher that most of the students like we often found to be pleasant but we did not learn from them.

In healing the same is true. A modality that works for one client may not work for another. A practitioner who comes highly recommend may not be effective for another client.

There are many ways to describe and view the human energy system. Most of them are valid. One system is easier for one person to understand and another person can not understand it at all. Practitioners using one modality have great success with one client and another client gets no relief.

Reiki, for example, does not work for or on us. Healing Touch does work, even though much of it is based on Rekei. We work at the Healing Touch clinic and see and have experienced treatments by many of the practitioners. Some of those who we hear are the best, we find to be ineffective and some that are just starting get the best results for the clients.

The first alternative modality we tried was Chiropractics. We had a great Chiropractor. Unfortunately he sustained an injury and had to stop practicing. His partner was not effective. We tried several others. Some of these were not just ineffective but made issues worse. We found one that was acceptable. We recently found a good Chiropractor at the Authentic Living Center.

Eight years ago we both experienced issues that “Medical Science” was unable to relieve. We tried acupuncture. We found an Acupuncturist who not only took care of the issues but introduced us to some new healing powers in us and helped us better tap into our healing abilities. Fortunately, when one of us experienced a slipped vertebrae, he was still practicing and at the same phone number and location.

Speaking, or in this case typing, about the pinched nerve and the slipped vertebrae, the first Doctor we saw recommended physical therapy. The therapist seemed concerned. However he treated the symptoms. The exercises he recommended for home support made matters worse, or at least reversed any progress.

That Doctor also referred us to a specialist. The specialist referred us to a different physical therapy location. He also cautioned us that the new location does a lot of work with strokes and that we should make sure we get a therapist that specializes in pinched nerves. He also gave us the name of a therapist he felt was good.

When we contacted the facility they would not schedule us with the therapist that the Doctor had recommended. Why, because that therapist specialized in the neck. The therapist they did schedule us with is excellent.

Again, one size does not fit all. Even though the one facility handles a number of stoke victims, it also has people who specialize in other types of physical therapy. Even though one therapist is very good with pinched nerves in the neck another is better with pinched nerves in the lumbar. This therapist evaluated the weakness in the core muscles and the over tightness in the hamstrings and setup a regiment of exercises to correct the issues. She then changed the exercises to maintain and improve on the progress that had been made.

If you believe that one size does fit all, you may want to reflect on why there are so many diet programs. All of the weight loss programs work for someone. Most work when the person is both over weight and highly motivated. Most have only a short term improvement.

The companies even change the terminology. Sometimes it changes to reflect the increase in knowledge. Other times the changes are just to confuse those who feel that they were taken in by the last fad. Weight loss is giving way to body shaping. Many of the new programs customize the diets and exercise to the individual, their metabolism and their goals.

Often several therapies can be employed together. If the right combination is used each therapy makes the others work better. Synergistic therapies increase the effectiveness and reduce the recovery time. Likewise is the therapies conflict with each other or too many therapies are used at the same time, the effectiveness of each therapy will be reduced and the recovery time increased.

We recommend the use of no more than three therapies at one time. Let all of the therapists know what other therapies you are using. Do not be surprised when the therapist know of and approve of the other therapies. If there is a conflict the therapist will let you know.

During the pinched nerve experienced, the Doctor and physical therapist wanted to know how to get in touch with the acupuncturist. They had both been looking for someone who they could trust for acupuncture. The physical therapy was enhanced by the acupuncture. Our acupuncturist is also an anesthesiologist so when the Doctor prescribed an epidural, he concurred and stated that it would enhance the effects of the acupuncture and physical therapy.

One more recommendation, share information. We got the results from the x-rays and MRI to the chiropractor, acupuncturist and physical therapists. These allowed them to design the treatments to fit the individual problem.

The chiropractor, for example, did not do several interventions because they could cause the vertebrae to slip further. With HIPPA the doctors are required to make records available to you. They can charge reasonable fees to recover the cost of making the copies. Usually, if it is only a few pages they will make you a copy without charge. There is one exception; mental health records can be withheld.

One size does not fit all. The best treatment or the best practitioner for one person may not be the best for another. A combination that is synergistic for one person may well be destructive to another.

When a treatment or combination seems not to work or to be counterproductive you have the right to a second opinion. It is your fault if you have a problem with a treatment and do not let the doctor, therapist or practitioner know. The more information each of them have the better the treatment should be. The better the custom fit.


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