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We all do it. We all have that something that we know will make our lives better. For many of us there is that book that sits on the shelf, you know the dusty one, that if we get around to reading it or we start to follow the steps it outlines we will get rich or become enlightened or loss weight.

The book just sits on the shelf. Our life goes on in the same way that it has for years. Change does not happen. We never make the start.

The scientific term for this is inertia. Inertia says that a body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion stays in motion. Until that body is acted on by an outside influence.

There two names for the same phenomena in our lives. For minor issues, or issues that involve ourselves, we use the term habit. For severe issues we use the term addiction.

We all know someone who has, for years, said that they wanted to quit smoking. They gave excuses like “it is just a habit of mine to have a cigarette after a meal” or “I know I am addicted to the nicotine.” Than comes the outside influence, like a heart-attach, and they find that they can stop smoking.

There are many smaller instances. We know a number of energy workers who have lots of skills. They have been trained in Reiki, Healing Touch, or a number of other practices, and also have chronic conditions. Even through they have the skills and knowledge they forget to use their tools on themselves.

We can guarantee that no matter what diet book you buy you will not loss any weight. That is, unless you read the book and change your life. Owning the book will not make you loss weight.

We sell stones to people for a number of issues. When we see them the next time we ask how the issues are and if the stones are helping. We usually get one of two answers. Either “yes and what stones would I use for…” or “oh, ah, well, they are still in a bag sitting on top of my dresser.”

We all want to have memories of our families. We especially want to have a record of the early years of our children’s lives. Buying a camera does not create the memories. Buying a camera does not even create photographs. You must take the pictures with the camera.

Doing it must include follow through. We had a friend that took pictures of events. He would take the film out of the camera and find them years later in the bottom of one of his drawers. He had no pictures, just exposed rolls of films. He never took them in to be developed.

In most cases we know what needs to be done. We need to “get a round to it.” You can get a reminder of that. There are wooden nickels that have printed on them “Don’t wait to get around TUIT”. If you would like one of these, just drop by our booth at one of the shows.

Thinking or planning does not cause changes. You need to take actions in order for change to happen. You must get a round to it in order to do it, what ever it is.

If you step on the breaks and the car does not slow down as it did in past weeks, you do not wait until you plow into a school bus before you get your breaks fixed. Why wait until a heart attach, stop smoking, loss weight or start exercising? Why wait until you have a stroke before you reduce your salt intake and lower your blood pressure?

Inertia is what many people refer to as running on autopilot. When a person goes through each day like a zombie, just doing the same thing as the day before, they are demonstrating inertia. Remember, inertia does not mean that there is no change, just that there is no change in direction.

When things are going downhill at work, there is constant change, but it is all to the negative. In fact, people get use to changes, even negative changes. Plans are usually made in ways to change the direction. People usually wait until the situation get to a critical before they get around to the changes.

It is not just corporations that wait until a crisis before they get around to it. Every day people walk around or limp around. A new pair of shoes or a change to the exercise regiment may be all that is needed. They let it go until their back goes out and they end up in the hospital, then they make the change.

There is another fact about inertia. It is extremely hard to reverse direction. One must completely stop and then expend the same amount of energy in the other direction to reverse the momentum. By contrast, it takes relatively little energy to change direction.

If you walk down the hall in your house or you office and are change your direction by just one degree, that is less than one percent of reversing direction, you will be walking into the walls. If you were in an airplane flying from Detroit to San Diego and the course was off by a few degrees you would land in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland or Seattle.

Here is a simple test. Take a loaded shopping cart. Start down an aisle. Turn the cart around and go the other way. Now, with the same cart, turn the cart left at the next aisle and left again at the next aisle. See how much easier that was to reverse direction in small adjustments than it was to turn around all of a sudden.

You know the changes you need to make. If you want to do it, now is the time to get around to it. You do not need to change it all at once, but you need to get started.

Does anyone think that they can loss twenty pounds now? No, we all know that it is going to take time. But now is the time to get around to it.

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